Welcome to Year 1, 2017

I can hardly believe we are in term 4 already, the year has gone passed so quickly and before you know it Christmas will be here. Term 4 is traditionally a very busy term, with the Infants Thanksgiving Service, Year 1 and 2 school sleepover, Carols service and finally Presentation Day. This term we will be studying mini-beasts in our “Schoolyard Safari” science unit with lots of creepy crawlies and looking at how transport has changed over time in history. Our Literacy sessions will be looking at author Eric Carle, who has written many wonderful children’s picture books. With plenty of scaffolding the children will extend their writing skills and even write their own book.
Consolidating our numeracy skills with our new “Decacards” and dice will be a highlight of most math lessons. The students will be thrilled to know we will be using Google classroom more this term and an exciting app called “Sock Puppets”.  I am already so proud of the achievements of this class, I can’t wait to see what we accomplish this term.





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