Visual Arts Staff 2018
Mrs Fiona Hayward and Mrs Suzanne King.

Stages 4 & 5
The Mandatory Course in Stage 4 provides a broad range of art-making activities that investigate different types of subject matter and provides opportunities for students to experiment and use a range of media and technologies. The students are provided with opportunities to explore some sustained drawing and computer-based technologies.

In the elective Visual Arts course, students make artworks that build a body of work, developed over time, using an extended range of materials and techniques and various investigations of the world. Students engage with practice, the conceptual framework (artists, artwork, audience, world) and frames (subjective, cultural, structural, postmodern) in making and interpreting works. Students enhance or expand explorations of ideas and interests in the world, experiment with new ways to formulate ideas for artworks and become more proficient in selecting and utilising appropriate materials and techniques for making artworks.

Stage 6
Visual Arts involves students in the practices of art making, art criticism and art history. Students develop their own artworks, culminating in a 'body of work' in the HSC course that reflects students' knowledge and understanding about the practice and which demonstrates their ability to resolve a conceptually strong work. Students critically and historically investigate artworks, critics, historians and artists from Australia as well as those from other cultures, traditions and times. The Preliminary course is broad, while the HSC course provides for deeper, increasingly more independent investigations. While the course builds on Visual Arts courses in Stages 4 and 5, it also caters for students with more limited experience in Visual Arts.

Preliminary Course learning opportunities focus on:
• The nature of practice in art making, art criticism and art history through different investigations
• The role and function of artists, artworks, the world and audiences in the art world
• The different ways the visual arts may be interpreted and how students might develop their own informed points of view
• How students may develop meaning, focus and interest in their work
• Building understandings over time through various investigations and working in different forms.

HSC Course learning opportunities focus on:
• How students may develop their own practice of art making, art criticism, and art history, applied to selected areas of interest
• How students may develop their own informed points of view in increasingly independent ways and use different interpretive frameworks in their investigations
• How students may learn about the relationships between artists, artworks, the world and audiences within the art world
• How students may further develop meaning and focus in their work.

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