Junior School

The Pastoral Care programme is enhanced in the Infants School by Boys' Club and Girls' Club. Once a week gender and social issues are discussed and resolved in a collaborative and enjoyable atmosphere.

In the Primary classes, the Bounce Back programme from McGrath and Noble provides a valuable springboard for discussion and opportunities to develop coping and resilience skills. Our College Counsellor is always ready to offer suggestions and give support whenever the need arises.

The Student Council is often a helpful barometer of effective pastoral care in the Junior School and gives valuable feedback to enhance the overall Pastoral Care programme.

Senior School

The Head of Senior School, Mr Stewart Ross, oversees the Pastoral Care and Discipline within the Senior School. Students are divided into House Groups and within each House into Tutor groups with a Tutor (staff member) under the direction of the Head of House. From 8.50am - 9.00am each morning and again from 10.30am - 11.00am each day the tutor group is involved in various activities including Chapel, House meetings, checking of College Diaries and small tutor group meetings. Various topics pertaining to pastoral care issues are discussed at these meetings.

Year 7 are treated a little differently in that they are cared for by tutors. The tutors are responsible for the transitional stage of moving from Junior to Senior School, and are always available to parents and students.

Health Centre

Qualified nursing staff are available 24 hours. The Health Centre is open for consultation over extended daytime hours and consists of a dispensary, waiting rooms and two wards. The College Doctor regularly visits the Health Centre and all specialist appointments are organised through the Health Centre.

The College Counsellor is on site on a part time basis but is always on call for important, or emergency issues. Appointments can be made through the Health Centre.

Communication with Parents

Parents are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of College life and are informed of these activities on this website under 'News & Events'. For pastoral issues parents are encouraged to contact their son/daughter's Head of House or Tutor.

'Revelations' is the weekly Senior School newsletter full of day to day notices. This is available on the website each Thursday.

'Junior School Vim' is the Junior School's weekly newsletter. It is emailed to parents who have requested it every Thursday.

Diaries are another important source of communication with families and parents are encouraged to check and sign their child's diary regularly. Teachers write comments with regard to behaviour, prep and class work for parents' information.

The College Calendar is sent to all families at the start of the year with events clearly listed.

Head of College - Mr Steven O'Connor

Head of Senior School - Mr Stewart Ross

Chaplain - Father Paul Woodhart

Counsellor - Mrs Ellen Robinson

Heads of Day Houses

  • Barton (Mrs Catherine Dundon)
  • Bean (Mr Patrick Sinclair)
  • Long (Mr Geoffrey Wainwright)

Heads of Boarding Houses

  • Marsden (Mrs Gillian McAllister)
  • Watson (Mr Bradley Allen)


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