Science at All Saints' College (Bathurst) is taught in four well-stocked laboratories that provide the opportunity for students to experience a multitude of hands-on practical experiences throughout their Science courses. We have an experienced staff of four full-time teachers who, in their own unique way, portray their passion for science and learning.

Our philosophy is that Science is a collective body of knowledge, principles, laws and theories and a set of processes that can be used to systematically acquire and refine information. Therefore, the teaching of Science at All Saints' College stresses a balance between content and the processes and practical skills involved in each topic. This approach has been highly successful with our students consistently gaining outstanding results in public examinations and competitions.

The Science Department at All Saints' College is proactive in its bid to provide opportunities for students to get a taste of ‘real' Science whilst making valuable contacts in the scientific world. These experiences often help students make significant decisions about senior secondary and tertiary studies. We are very proud of the fact that a significant number of our graduating students go onto fulfilling careers within the scientific domain.

All students in Years 7 to 10 will study Science. In Years 11 and 12, students can choose to study any combination of the 2 Unit Sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics, or (with sufficient demand), Earth and Environmental Science.

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