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2014 Grand Final UPDATED

After an exciting weekend of semi-finals rugby, I would like to congratulate the 16s for making it through to the grand final, and also to comiserate with the boys of the other teams who have held their heads high but were not able to make it to the final round.

We will be taking a single bus to the game and will be able to offer a limited number of seats to supporters from within the rugby community. Obviously the boys in the 16s take priority, but beyond that parents and other rugby players are welcome to come on the bus. Please contact me by email with an expression of interest and I will let you know by Thursday evening if there is a seat available. 

The 16’s Grandfinal will be at 1:45 pm
Oakhill College
423-513 Old Northern Rd
Castle Hill NSW 2154

The bus will depart at 9:15 am and return at approximately 7:15pm.

In other news the good people who are organising the Rugby Dinner have asked that I remind people to get their forms for the dinner.  If you have already put yours in thankyou. If, like me, you just haven’t got to it yet… then I’ll race you.

The weekend results and draw for the coming weekend linked below has been published by the Independant Sporting Association (ISA)

Patrick Sinclair (MiC Rugby)



This is the last chance to confirm interest in the Rugby Tour. An email to Scott Gardner or myself must be received by the end of school today (Monday, 18th August) and a deposit by then end of this week at the absolute latest.

Currently we have 19 confirmed, this includes 7 students in Year 11, 4 students in Year 10, and 8 students in Year 9. The quotes have been based on a group of 30 and these numbers will be needed to confirm the booking. The tour operator is expecting to hear from the school this afternoon. 

If you are intending on confirming your interest then this is now a matter of urgency.

Patrick Sinclair (MiC Rugby)



There have ben many questions and feedback about the proposed Rugby Tour for 2015. In response to this a new tour plan has been established. The Tour is open to boys currently in Years 9, 10 and 11.

The tour operator has been able to secure flights at very low cost significantly reducing the total cost of the tour, however these can only be held for a short time. Please read through the Tour proposal linked below, and confirm to myself or Mr Scott Gardner by email if your son is able to take part in this tour.  Owing to the situation with flights a $500 deposit will be required to confirm bookings.  This must be done with the front office in the next 7 days.

Here is the link to the tour information.

Patrick Sinclair (MiC Rugby)



As we approach the end of the season it is time to think about the Rugby Dinner.

The link attached is for the Rugby Dinner booking form. The boys will all be handed a copy but I know that this does not always ensure that it gets home.

The form should be returned to Reception by Wednesday, 27th August.


Patrick Sinclair (MiC Rugby)


2014 Rugby Captains Announced

Before our first competition games last weekend (3rd May) the Captain and Vice-Captain of the 1st XV and the Captain of Rugby were announced.  All of these boys are excellent leaders who have a passion for All Saints Rugby.

James Keech, Adam Plummer and Adam Goddard.

Adam Plummer as Captain and James Keech as Vice-Captain of the 1st XV will continue to demonstrate the excellent on-field leadership that has been a hallmark of their involvement in All Saints' Rugby since Year 7.

The Captain of Rugby is not an onfield leadership role but no less significant. Adam Goddard is taking on this role and will be responsible for the leadership of the squad as a whole from the 13s up. He will play an important role in leading and inspiring the whole squad and ensuring that communication between the boys and coaching staff is smooth and well organised.

We congratulate all three boys on these roles.

Mr Patrick Sinclair (MiC of Rugby)



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