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Rugby News - 10/04/2014

Date Claimer!!.........Take 2

I would like to thank the members of the rugby community who have given me feedback on the timing of the season launch. In response to this the launch has been shifted to 6.30pm Monday, 28th April, in the Bickerdike Centre (not the Kemmis Building as originally planned). This is after the conclusion of the Year 12 Parent-Teacher night on the first day back of term.   

The 1st XV jerseys will be presented by our new Patron of Rugby, Mr John Cranfield. John played in the All Saints’ College 1st XV in 1958 and 1959. The 1959 team was a particularly successful one and a commemorative photo of the team graces the walls of the school conference room to this day. He is a regular attender of our games and his support has been unwavering.  It would be great to have the boys from the Under 13s right through to the Opens there both to welcome our new Patron and to see the presentation of the jerseys to the 1st XV players.

Patrick Sinclair (MiC Rugby)


Rugby News - 02/04/2014

Date Claimer!!

We will have an official launch to our Rugby season on the Wed 30th April at 5:30pm in the Kemmis Centre. This is the Wednesday before the first competition game.

The 1st XV will be announced and jerseys will be presented. Please come along and support the boys. This is an important moment to recognise the commitment of our players and the achievement of those chosen to represent the school in the 1st XV for our first game.

Canberra Trip information

Students will be travelling in school uniform on Friday. When we arrive at our accommodation we will have a short time to for the boys to get changed into casual clothes before heading off to the game.

Usually for away game days we would expect the boys to be in full winter school uniform when not playing. However this weekend is Canberra Grammar school fete and the boys will be allowed to walk around the fete. Keeping this in mind we have given the 13-16s boys permission to be in sports uniform and tracksuit for the day. (All boys are still expected to be in attendance on the sidelines for the 1sts game.)

There is a presentation after the 1sts game for which the Opens players will be expected to be in full uniform with blazers. This is not required for the 13s to 16s players.

Those staying on Saturday evening will then change into casual clothes for the evening.

On Sunday the boys will have a training session so standard training gear is required.

What to bring:
* Sleeping Bag and Pillow
* Toiletries
* Casual clothes for Friday and or Saturday Evening.
* All gear required to train and play
* Money for the fete if desired

Students may have the opportunity to visit McDonalds or KFC during the weekend and may wish to have some money for this. However, all main meal costs for students staying overnight have been budgeted into the costing for the weekend. For those travelling only on the Saturday the meal arrangements are as per normal during the rugby season (ie boarders will be given money for lunch, all other students will be expected to purchase their own, or bring food if they wish).

Patrick Sinclair (MiC Rugby)


Information re Saturday 29/03/2014 (Updated)


In response to several questions from parents, I wanted to clarify the organisation for this weekend.  All students who are available and not committed to summer sport should be at the games. 

Thanks again to the Parents who have sent forms in for the Canberra trip, I need to finalise numbers for accommodation tomorrow, so please if you still have a form to send in, tomorrow is the day!


After some consideration we have decided to run internal games and skills training for this Saturday.  It is important that we keep the momentum rolling after the games against St Stanislaus College – at school we are still enjoying our 16’s and 1st XV convincing wins against the Stannies 16 B’s and 2nd XV.  

We will have bacon and egg roll for the boys as they arrive at 9:30 and finish with a Sausage sandwich for lunch.   

The  16’s are the duty team this week so I need to have some boys from this team to be at school at 9am to set up the field.

If any 16’s parents are able to assist with the BBQ either in the morning or for lunch please ring Ian Redpath on 0419 777 950 to co-ordinate.

Lastly thanks to all those people who have so quickly returned the Canberra Trip form.


Patrick Sinclair (MiC Rugby)


Information re games against Burgmann College

Please be aware that Burgmann College has advised us that they are unable to come up this weekend. Consequently there are currently no games. We are working to arrange an alternative and will advise you shortly as to the outcome.

On another note the boys should all be coming home today with information for the Canberra trip.  The second page is a form that I need back to continue the organisation of the trip.  It would be greatly appreciated if this could be completed and returned tomorrow.

Knowing that not all notes make it home, it can be downloaded at this link.


Patrick Sinclair (MiC Rugby)


ASC vs. St Stanislaus' College 22/03/2014

Please follow this link to download the Schedule for this weekend’s games. (See change below)

Alternatively the Schedule is available on the ASC Skoolbag App.

Please note that the 15s game has been cancelled. There are a number of boys in this age group with cricket commitments and also with camp on this week for Year 9 we felt it better to not go into a game without appropriate preparation.

Please be advised of a late change to Game times. To accommodate the cricketers that do not finish until 12pm the 14s Game has been pushed back to 1pm.
Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this causes.
Patrick Sinclair (MiC Rugby)


From the MiC of Rugby (04/03/2014)

Welcome to the 2014 All Saints’ Rugby Season

With Mr Marcus Croft taking leave in Term 2 this year, I am taking up the job of Master-in-Charge of Rugby. I am quickly getting a sense of just how big a job that is and I know that this year will prove to be a steep learning curve.

This being my first email of the season, please let me know if you would prefer emails to go to a different address, or to not receive them at all, or even if there are other family members who would like to also receive this.

This year All Saints’ is using a smartphone app call Skoolbag, which will assist in our communications as well (provided that you have a smartphone!). Among its features is the ability to send out notifications that you can filter so you only get the ones relevant to you. To get the app go the app store on for either iPhone or Android, and search for “All Saints Skoolbag”.  I am hoping to be able to send out messages for things like bus return times and this way everyone that has the app will get the message automatically, provided that in the settings area of the app you turn on Rugby.

Coaches for this season are as follows.

Under 13s - Mr Scott Gardner

Under 14s - Mr Bradley Allen

Under 15s - Mr Geoffrey Siegert

Under 16s - Mr David Hitchick

1sts - Mr Peter O’Neill and Mr Michael Peterson

Over the course of the season there is a significant amount of work involved with setting up the fields for home games. I am looking for volunteers from among the boys to assist with that at each home game. Also at all home games the Friends of Rugby run a barbecue and canteen. So that these jobs do not become an all season burden on those that commit we will be nominating a “duty team” each week and ask as many parents as possible from that team to contact Ian Redpath, President of the Friends of Rugby, to let him know how they can assist. Each week I will ask boys from the duty team to help set up the fields.  I have added a column to the Season at a Glance labelled “Duty Team” and a new copy can be down loaded at this link

One of the other jobs each season is refereeing for home games. If there are any qualified referees out there who are willing to lend some time I would love to hear from you. There is also a Referees Course on in Orange on Sunday, 23rd March. I am looking at taking a small group of boys along to this (Must be 15 or older). Any interested boys should speak to me directly.

Patrick Sinclair (MiC Rugby All Saints’ College)



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