Pre-Kindergarten 5 Day

Welcome. My name is Sally Parsons and I am the Early Childhood Teacher in the 5 Day Pre-Kindergarten class. My fabulous husband and I have three wonderful sons aged 17, 15 and 13 who are involved in many sporting pursuits with the main one being cricket. I enjoy taking my dog for a run and caring for my chooks.
Along with my assistant extraordinaire, Jane Parkinson, and the rest of the Pre-Kindergarten team we are looking forward to yet another wonderful year ahead. This is my eleventh year teaching here and I am extremely proud and passionate about this program. My love of reading, music, health, exercise, cooking, maths, gardening and sense of fun are built into the program ensuring learning is enjoyable, hands-on and authentic. Jane also shares her passion and expertise in cooking including awesome bread making, gardening and crafting with the children. Her thoughtfulness, wisdom and compassionate nature is appreciated by all. We are looking forward to an amazing year of new friendships, learning, fun, growth, wonder and exploration with the class of 2018.


Pre-Kindergarten 2 and 3 Day

Hello my name is Deb Porter. I have the great pleasure in teaching the 2 and 3-Day Pre-Kindergarten classes. I am an early childhood teacher with a Graduate Diploma in Computing and a Masters of Education. This year will be my fourteenth year teaching Pre-Kindergarten at All Saints’ College. I enjoy playing tennis, hockey, riding my bike and going to the gym. Taking an active role in my children’s sport and education also keeps my husband and I very busy. It’s hard to believe our girls are now in Year 8 and 10!
In January, we enjoyed an amazing holiday touring around Tasmania in a motorhome. There was so much to do and see and Tasmania is definitely a place I would like to return to. I’m pleased our class hermit crab has survived the holidays. The children will enjoy the responsibility of looking after the hermit crab and take delight in watching it move about the tank. I’m blessed to be working in such a friendly and supportive school and having one of the most rewarding occupations there could be. I look forward to teaching a very enriched program of stimulating activities and getting to know the little people in my class. I’m excited to being reacquainted with familiar families and introducing new families to our fabulous Pre-Kindergarten Program. Kind regards,
Deb Porter



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