PDHPE - Development of the Whole Person

The P.D.H. and P.E. Department at All Saints' College Bathurst is concerned with the development of the whole person with regard to their knowledge, attitudes, emotions and well being. In moving towards this goal we have the following aims:

  • To develop the knowledge and skills and foster attitudes that will empower students to adopt healthy lifestyles.
  • To encourage positive thought processes which will affect the way students think, feel and act in regard to themselves and to their community.
  • To foster self confidence in their actions, thoughts and manner such that they may make wise personal decisions in relation to their health, lifestyles and relationships.
  • To develop the students' coordination and locomotor skills, and to develop a practical understanding of the skills fundamental to human movement and health education.
  • To provide a wide range of physical education activities that will enable students to confidently continue or widen their involvement in selected activities on leaving the College situation.
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