Pastoral Care Programme

The Senior School has a formal Pastoral Care Program with the aim to ensure that every student is known personally by at least one staff member.  This program operates within the house structure which allows for discussions and activities associated with the Pastoral Care theme.

There is half an hour of House/Pastoral Care time at 10:30am each day.  This time is allocated as follows: Chapel, House and Tutor Group meetings once a week, a full formal Assembly each Tuesday for presentations and reports, and Prefects’ Assembly each Friday for general information dissemination.  Within the House and Tutor Group meetings attention is paid to promoting self-awareness and building self-esteem.  Many Pastoral Care activities are simply designed for the students’ enjoyment, to promote a positive environment of fun with their peers.

Each Head of House is uniquely placed to know the students in their House, so they are the first point of contact for parents with concerns regarding the welfare of their child.  The Head of Senior School has overall responsibility for the Pastoral Care and Discipline of students in the Senior School and deals with matters that move beyond the scope of the Head of House.  The Heads of House will advise when such a situation arises.

Heads of House can also help with academic concerns, although teachers are happy to be approached directly concerning their students.  Heads of Department, similarly, deal with academic matters within their Departments and liaise closely with the Head of Senior School. All Board of Studies, Distance Education and subject selection enquiries should be directed in the first instance to the Head of Senior School.

The College Counsellor is an integral member of the Pastoral Care team and meets weekly with the Head of Senior School and the Head of College to discuss concerns regarding students and monitor their health and well-being.  The Welfare Committee, comprising key members of staff from across the College, meet each month for a more comprehensive discussion of student welfare.

Overseas Students can access all of the above support staff, but are also specifically cared for by the ESL Teacher who sees each of them for classes on a regular basis.  The ESL Teacher conducts an orientation program designed specifically for overseas students when they first arrive at the College.  This includes helping them to get to know the College and the town as well as establishing bank accounts and understanding where and how to access support services.  The ESL Teacher is the official staff contact for all overseas students and develops close relationships with them, organising social dinners and outings specifically for them during the year.




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