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Richard Crossing OAM was the guest speaker at All Saints College 140th celebration Ball.

He gave a fascinating insight into what life was like during his 7 years boarding at the school.

To read Richard Crossing's speech click HERE




Bullock Family Baptism

On Saturday, 6 May members of the Bullock family returned to the Chapel for Maggie's Baptism.

Gareth and Kim Bullock, now at Walgett, were married in the Chapel in November 2012, and now they celebrate the baptism of their second daughter.

The Godparents were Christine McGrath and Jordan Bullock. Lachlan and Rochelle, were also present.

We wish them every blessing as they raise their daughters, Violet and Maggie.

Father Paul Woodhart

Pearce Family Baptism

On Saturday, 10 June the Pearce clan returned to the Chapel for Carys' baptism.

Carys is the second daughter to Rikki and Tom Lucas.

Rikki Pearce, as she was known at All Saints' was supported by her sister Rhian who is married to Charles Marsh and her brother Nathan who is married to Cassie, one of our Science teachers.

Nathan, Rikki and Rhian's parents Alan and Rhonda Pearce were the movers and shakers in the P&F for many years.

Lastly Cassie's mother Sandy was a former Science teacher on our staff.

Pictured are: Tom Lucas, FP, Alan Pearce, Sandy Bullock, Rhian and Rikki, baby Carys, Cassie Pearce and Rhonda Pearce.

May they continue to be a blessing and be blessed as they raise their children.

Father Paul Woodhart

Easter Monday Baptism

On Easter Monday Kyle and Stacey Fowler gathered with their families for the Baptism of their second son, Regan in the All Saints' College Chapel.

Stacey and Kyle were married in the Chapel in September 2008. One of the Godparents was a former student, Tahlia Burgoyne (2004-2012).

We wish the family every blessing as they bring up their children.

Father Paul Woodhart


Forty years on and it’s definitely time to get together

Prominent Old Bathurstian Richard Barnes has enquired if anyone is organising a 40-year reunion for his 1977 cohort.

For the past ten years Richard has been working as editor in chief for a media group publishing show dailies for some of the biggest trade events in the world like IFA Berlin, ITB Berlin and Vinexpo Bordeaux and HK.

For more information on Richard have a look at his biography at
 If you are organising a 40 year reunion could you please contact the Old Bathurstians’ Union by email at 

Dubbo Reunion Dinner

The annual OBU dinner was held recently at The Westside Hotel in Dubbo on 11th March.

The dinner was again well organised by Glen Stockings and Judy Jakins.

This year there were nearly 70 Old boys/girls in attendance.

Lots of renewing of friendships, some from more than 40 years ago.


Grand piano christened at recital

A wonderful varied recital was held on Saturday, 18th March to christen the magnificent Kawai Grand Piano recently donated to the school by the Old Bathurstians' Union.

Artists included students from Year 2 to Year 10, an ex student, staff and guest Elena Day-Hackker.

An afternoon tea followed the concert.

Some of OBU committee who were able to attend with Mr Steven O'Connor pictured above (left to right) Tim Sargeant, John Cranfield, Shirley Burrow, Helen Baber, Memory Sanders and Anne Llewellyn President OBU.


On Sunday, 5 March the 11th grandchild to Maureen and Trevor Hegvold was Baptised in our Chapel.

Trevor was a Science teacher at All Saints' College as well as the Tracey Day House Head.

Lori Hegvold's parents are both former students, Sally and Dane.

How many of these former students do you remember? From the left the names are:

Jaimee Sherman (nee Barlow), Sally Hegvold (nee Barlow), David Tink, Andrew Travis, Miffany Travis (nee Brown), Dane Hegvold, Sarah Kenny (nee Glencorse), Emma Brownlow (nee Hegvold), Trevor Hegvold (far right).

We wish these families every blessing as they raise their children.

Father Paul Woodhart

A Baptism and a Reunion

Last Sunday, 26 February, three former All Saints' students were at the Chapel with their families for Imika Thomas' Baptism.

They were: Laurice Thomas (nee Leahey) with Hudson & Imika, Chelsea Chapman (nee Cole) with Sybilla & Sadie and Caroline Paul (nee Lang) with Macey & Oscar.

It was a delightful occasion; incidentally many more were present behind the photographer!

 Father Paul Woodhart (Chaplain)


Vale Helen Elizabeth Hazard (nee McKibbin)

13-06-1941— 14-08-2016

Helen was born in Sydney on the 13th June 1941, the eldest child of Joan and (Thomas) Watson McKibbin of ‘Macquarie’ Bathurst NSW. She had a sister Lesley, and a brother Thomas. Helen had an idyllic childhood growing up on the historic family farm ‘Macquarie’ which is situated between Bathurst and O’Connell.

Helen was an early talker and was able to speak in sentences from 15 months. She taught herself to read before going to school by peering over a much loved great aunt’s shoulder as she read to her!
She first attended Brewongle School for a short time but in the late 1940’s access to school became a problem due to constant floods.

The Fish River, which runs through the front of the property, when flooded cuts off access to the main road to Bathurst and O’Connell, thus isolating the farm. Joan, her mother, who was a trained Kindergarten Teacher, taught Helen by Correspondence until 1950, when Helen, at the age of 9, went as a boarder to Marsden Church Of England Girls School at Kelso, Bathurst. (Her aunt Betty McKibbin was an Old Girl of Marsden).

Helen excelled at her academic studies so she topped 5th Class in 1952 and went straight to 1st Year skipping 6th Class as her teachers felt she would have been bored I She then topped 1st Year and ensured that she achieved this position by studying under the sheets with a torch when the lights were turned out I She continued this excellence until she was Dux of the School in 5th Year in 1957. She also won a Commonwealth Scholarship. She was only 16.

Marsden was an important part of Helen’s early life, and the values she learnt there she lived by throughout her life. Her daughter, Christina, in her Eulogy said “the stories she told of her time as a boarder at Marsden sounded as though they came straight out of an Enid Blyton novel, complete with hoarding food in laundry bags for midnight feasts, secret trips up the Bell Tower, searching for the secret passageway under the stairs in Rutherford House. She and her great friend, Judy Cotton, used to play tricks on the new girls by hiding on one side of the old covered well and moaning into it by pretending to be the ghost of Samuel Marsden as they fled screaming !”

Helen was in Suttor House and represented her House in sport especially hockey, music, acting in the annual House Play Competition and later becoming House Captain. She showed leadership at an early age and was made Head” Prefect in 1957.

Helen had intended studying Law at Sydney University but the entrance age for Law was 18 and she was only 16 ! She decided to study Arts/Law and while she was in her second year at Women’s College she met a young student from St Paul’s College - Geoffrey Hazard from Melbourne. Geoff was studying Veterinary Science at Sydney University.

Helen and Geoff were married in February 1965 at Holy Trinity Church, Kelso, and moved to Melbourne to live. Their marriage of 51 years was a wonderful partnership of a very deep love and friendship for each other. “Helen was the product of a strong family, and in turn created her own”.
They had 3 children Jenny, James and Christina and 7 grandchildren Riley, Nicola, Bailey, Reed, Millie, Henry and Eliza. Family was everything to Helen and Geoff.

“It was no wonder that Mum was drawn to a career as an academic librarian with her love of reading and researching, she was able to enjoy the roles of detective, historian and archivist”. She first worked at Sydney University Fisher Library after graduating with an Arts Degree. While working at Fisher Library she gained 2 further qualifications from The Library Association of Australia. When they moved to Melbourne, she worked at Melbourne University Baillieu Library followed by 26 years at Swinburne University of Technology Library. There she completed a Graduate Diploma from Monash University and gained a Certificate for Teaching from Hawthorn Institute of Education. She also co-authored a book for Swinburne, and retired in 2007 after a long career as an academic librarian.

“Growing up at ‘Macquarie’ developed a deep passion for local and family history that lasted a lifetime”. The farm was part of a grant of 1000 acres given to the explorer William Lawson for crossing the Blue Mountains in 1813. The homestead was built by convicts between 1823 and 1824 and “is steeped in history so much so that Mum could literally see it and touch it during her childhood. She could read the writings and drawings that were left on the walls from children when the Barracks were used as a schoolhouse. Mum’s father, Watson, helped cultivate her love for the area spending countless hours talking about local history and ultimately inspiring her, decades later, to document it”.

“A personal and emotional highlight for Mum was when through her research she discovered that the graves of William Lawson’s infant grandchildren who were originally buried at ‘Macquarie’ were actually moved to Holy Trinity Kelso cemetery”. Helen too wanted to be buried at Holy Trinity Kelso - “Bathurst the place that informed so much of who she was and meant so much to her”.

She is survived by her husband Geoff, her 2 daughters Jenny and Christina, her son James, her 7 Great Grandchildren, her sister Lesley, and her brother Tom.

Helen’s Funeral Service was held on the 20th August 2016 at Holy Trinity Kelso, where she and Geoff were married. Family and friends came from Melbourne, Sydney, Bathurst, other parts of NSW and overseas. A Service of Thanksgiving was held on 24th August at St John’s Anglican Church at Camberwell, Melbourne. Both Services reflected the deep love that her immediate and extended family and friends all felt for her, but also her love for her school Marsden. Psalm 121 - the School Psalm was read by her daughter Jenny, and her sister Lesley finished her Tribute by quoting the last verse of Marsden’s School Hymn “Ad Lucem”.

Give of our best! So, when the gates swing wide

And through the larger world our way we choose

Of life’s high enterprise which we descried

Never can we the vision wholly lose.


Christina Hazard’s Eulogy - daughter   

Lesley Lawson - sister


"Living Legends"

CONGRATULATIONS to OBU members Richard Crossing, Lou Shehade and Tim Sargeant who were all recognised as ‘living legends’ in Bathurst’s recent 200 celebrations.

Well done gentlemen!


Back to Saints' Reunion Dinner

Class of 1976
Back Row: Sue Smith (Hannigan), Anne Gerrard (Wilson), Sally Dawson,
Vicki Grant (Walker).
Middle Row: Cathy West (Cunningham), Phyllis Tabara Haoda, Louise Sweeting (Cake), Jan Smith (Deutscher), Sue Trewin (Bates), Margie Taylor (Scholes), Wendy Wotton, Neroli Johnson (Cooper), Michele Watts.
Seated: Kym Cramp (Galloway) and Diana Snodgrass.

Sixty people attended the reunion dinner held in the school dining hall on Saturday 10 September.

The largest group was the 1976 Marsden cohort who came together (some for the first time in 40 years!) to celebrate 40 years out of school.

That group was the last class from Marsden before its closure in 1977 so it was a special time for all. Some of the ‘girls’ had travelled huge distances to meet their classmates - PNG, Queensland, Victoria and way out west.

There were other ex-students from 1970, 1986, 1960 and 1966 who had plenty of school day stories to share. It was a lively night enjoyed by all.

Mrs Memory Sanders

Class of 1970
Anne Llewellyn (Crossing), Ann Wilkinson (Nott) Margaret Sandford, Helen Murray (Lyons) and Rose Amos (Stonestreet).

Mostly class of 1970
Back Row: Harold Rossiter, Eddie Williams, Rick Brown, Gareth Axtens,
Larry Wallace.
Front Row: Greg Tucker, David Suttor.

Class of 1969
Dianne Massurit (Reeves) and Dianne Colman (Rudder).

Class of 1981
Sue Ellen Oxenbould (Johnstone), Kylie Bosco (Allen), Suzanne Paine, Penny Walker (Smith), Stephen Cooper, Jenny Cheeseman (Gardiner), Melissa Oriel (Stein) and Chris Lewis.

Gai Sullivan (Haley), Mr and Mrs James Pirie, Shirley Burrow (Lamont), Memory Sanders (Wood), John Cranfield and Barry Lamph.

OBU Lapel Pins

Sam Coote, a well known old boy from All Saints' who lives here in Bathurst has some OBU lapel pins that he's happy to GIVE to anyone (old boy) who contacts him. You can contact him direct at  and add " lapel pin" to the title.

Don't Forget to RSVP for the Back To Saints' OBU Dinner!

You only have a few weeks left to book for the annual Back To Saints OBU Dinner with rsvp's closing on August 29. This year the OBU is especially inviting those who left in the sixes, e.g. 1956, 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996, 2006 but former students from any year are most welcome to attend.

A trip back to Bathurst would be well worthwhile as it is the weekend of the Spring Spectacular incorporating the ASC Festival of Art on Saturday and Sunday 10 and 11 September and The Spring Fair on Sunday 11the September.

Please see the invite below for full details. You can also download the invite HERE.



Congratulations in order for Marsden Old Girl

Judith (Judy) Jakins OAM (right) with Gai Sullivan at the Dubbo OBU Reunion earlier this year

Marsden old girl and prominent OBU member Judith (Judy) Jakins received an Order of Australia in the recent Queens Birthday Honours.

A student of Marsden in the early 1950s, Judy also sent her sons to All Saints’ in the 1980s.

She has remained a big supporter of the school ever since and still runs the ever popular OBU Dubbo Reunion dinner each year.

Judy was recognised for her contribution to NSW through politics, aero-medical organisations and the education of isolated children.

She was the first woman elected to represent The Nationals in NSW as well as being a member of the Legislative Council from 1984 to 1991 and a Dubbo City Councillor from 1991 to 1995.

The former Marsden girl was also a driving force behind the formation of the Isolated Children's Parents' Association (ICPA) and the founding chair of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) in Dubbo.

Judy grew up 50 km from Enngonia in the far north of the state, attending Marsden as a boarder and later working as a nurse and grazier before taking over 'Eureka', a property that had been in her family since the 1920s.

Judy served as secretary of the Bourke branch of The Nationals from 1976 to 1982 and was chairwoman of the state electoral council for the seat of Broken Hill from 1980 to 1982.

She was on the Central Council of The Nationals from 1980 to 1984.

Judy sold her property during the severe drought in the early 1980s and moved to Dubbo in 1982.

"I stood for the Legislative Council when I was still living at Enngonia but had no chance of getting in," she said.

"In 1984 I decided to have another go and was successful. A lot of people say I was the first woman in the Legislative Council in NSW. I wasn't - I was the first National Party woman in NSW altogether, federal or state, upper or lower house.

"I can't say that I ever set the world on fire as a politician but when I was so involved in the formation of ICPA I thought more could be done if I was in parliament."

Judy said ICPA was established to help remote families struggling to educate their children.

"I knew all about it because I taught my sons by correspondence," she said.

"ICPA began as a state group in Bourke in the early 1970s. Wally Mitchell was president and Pat Edgley was secretary. I took on the role of treasurer.

"We later formed a federal council with the same three office bearers.

"ICPA sparked an interest in politics. After I left the Legislative Council I was elected to Dubbo City Council. I didn't stand for local government a second time because I realised I could achieve more with voluntary work.

"I was on a lot of boards and committees and when the RFDS wanted to put a base in Dubbo I was elected chairman at a public meeting.

"It took six years to get the base established."

Sadly, Judy appreciated more than most the necessity of an aero-medical service to assist people in rural and remote locations.

"When I was living at Enngonia the RFDS had clinics at Louth and Tilpa but didn't come as far as Bourke," she said.

"I lost my third son out there as a newborn. The matron of the Bourke hospital was going to fly out with him on the next commercial flight but he died before the plane got there.”

Judy now concentrates on the RFDS and Dubbo Macquarie Rotary of which she has been a member since 1995 including president from 2003 to 2004.

Story compiled by Scott Anderson based on an article from the Dubbo Daily Liberal


Our Tom's a Bradman Scholar

2015 All Saints’ College Captain and Dux Tom Galvin has been named the 2016 Bradman Scholar. 

Tom is pursuing an advanced science degree at Sydney University where he is playing cricket and was a member of the third grade premiership team earlier this month. 

There were a record 51 applicants from all mainland states and territories for the prestigious three-year $15,000 scholarship first awarded in 1990.

“There was an outstanding quality and record field of candidates, making the scholarship keenly contested,” said Rina Hore, the executive director of the Bradman Foundation at Bowral. 

“Tom is a very mature young man with exceptional qualities and achievements and the Bradman Foundation are very proud to be aligned with such an impressive young Australian.” 

Tom’s family are over the moon as are the residents of his home town of Tullamore and his `extended family' at All Saints' where he starred both on and off the cricket pitch. 

Ms Hore said the application entailed a four-stage selection process culminating in a personal interview conducted by Bradman Foundation chairman Maurice Newman, patron John Howard and 2008 Bradman Scholar David Miller. 

Tom will attend a boardroom luncheon hosted by Mr Newman and Mr Howard in Sydney this Friday.

The following day he will travel to Bowral to play in the Chairman’s XI team at Bradman Oval from 10.30am. 

Tom is the 10th of 21 awardees to have come from outside a capital or provincial city. 

He hopes to balance his ambition of seeking selection in the NSW Blues with his pursuit of a science degree with a double major in physics and nanoscience. 

“It is a great honour to be awarded the Bradman Scholarship,” he said.

“I have always believed that teamwork, attitude and sportsmanship are as important as any win or personal achievement and I know this was also reflected in Sir Donald Bradman’s career and personal life.” 

Previous scholarship recipients include Australian vice captain Alex Blackwell and Queensland’s Martin Love. 

Applications for the Bradman Foundation Scholarship close on February 28 each year. 

Visit for more information


Samantha Burbidge Wedding

2009 ASC Captain Samantha Burbidge married Russell Hamstead in a beautiful ceremony at the Burbidge homestead Wilunga, Binda on Saturday April 16 2016.

The homestead had witnessed a lot of activity in the lead up with Sam’s parents Jenny and Geoff working hard on the garden to make it a lush green contrast to the pastures on the other side of the fence.

Nature also provided some confetti with a daily ration of golden autumn leaves scattered on the grass as the ceremony drew closer.

The shed had seen the last of the shearing only 3 weeks prior but by the wedding day every gap in the floorboards had been vacuumed-twice.

Gossamer curtains with fairy lights had been hung to hide the bare corrugated iron walls.

Sam chose Danaya Fitzsimmons (ASC 2004-2009) and her younger sister Amanda (ASC 2007-2011) to be her key assistants.

There were also several members of Sam’s graduating year among the guests including Briana Chellew, Nadine Groat, Heidi Beames, Ruth Watt, Emily Anderson, Lucy Bremner, and Jonathan Hosking while 2008 graduate Luke Mulligan was also on hand.

It was a real ASC affair with Sam’s older brother Michael also having attended the school from 2001 to 2006.

Russell’s parents Denise and Mark journeyed from Blaxland for the joyful occasion and a wonderful time was had by all.

Sam and Russell are both Paramedics and are now working in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

We wish them every blessing as they set out on this double adventure of a new career and married life together.

Father Paul Woodhart, former Chaplain to ASC


ANZAC Day Article

Sgt.Karl Morris Miegel R.A.A.F


Dubbo Reunion Dinner

All Saints Old Boys
Back (right to left): John Hollow ‘64, Robert Fisher ‘55, Barry Dugan ‘58,
David Coote ‘53, John Paddison ‘62, Bill Goodridge ‘63, Bruce Hodges ‘63.
Front (right to left):  Harold Woodley ‘46, Michael Doyle ‘55, Ross Stockings ‘63, Mac George’54, Glenn Stockings ‘67, Barry Lamph ‘55, Eric Matheson ‘52,
John McQuire (sitting) ‘49,

The annual OBU Dubbo Reunion dinner was held on Saturday, 12th March.

About 40 All Saints’ and Marsden “old” boys and girls and partners attended. The dinner was wonderfully organised by Judy Jakins, Michael Doyle and Glenn Stockings.

It is interesting to note that Judy has now been organising this reunion dinner for thirty years!

The Dubbo branch made a presentation to the OBU president Anne Llewellyn of $1000 for the OBU association.

Lots of amazing connections with families and friends were made and memories shared.

It would be great to see some younger alumni at next year’s function scheduled for the second Saturday in March.

Mrs Anne Llewellyn

Marsden girls!
 Back row (left to right): Glenda Shearing (Fisher) ‘57, Judy Jakins (Penzer) 57,
Gaie Elliott (Bock) ‘61, Val Phillips (McQuire) ‘55, Helen Matchett (Mailer) ‘60,
Gai Sullivan (Haley) ‘58, Robyn Hollow (Attwood) ‘70,
Front row (left to right): Rose Amos (Stonestreet) ‘70, Ann Cummings (Backhouse) ‘61, Shirley Burrows (Lamont)’55, Anne Llewellyn (Crossing) ‘70.

Rosemarie Amos (Stonestreet)‘70, Robyn Hollow (Attwood) ‘70 and Anne Llewellyn (Crossing) ‘70.

Helen Matchett (Mailer) ‘60, Ann Cummings (Backhouse) ‘61 and Gai Elliott (Bock) ‘61.

Gai Sullivan (Haley) ‘58 and Judy Jakins (Penzer) ‘57 enjoying the Dubbo Reunion Dinner.

David Coote ‘53, Harold Woodley ‘46, and Ross Stockings ‘63.

The wonderful organisers! Michael Doyle ‘55, Glen Stockings ‘67 and Judy Jakins (Penzer) 57.  Judy has been organising this Dubbo dinner for 30 years! An amazing effort.

Old Bathurstian takes up appointment at Charles Sturt University

Returning to Bathurst for Lisa Coates (nee Adams) (ASC 1993) has been the ideal tree-change. 

After finishing at ASC as a boarder in 1993 she has spent the last 22 years in cities both in Australia and overseas. 

She moved to CSU Bathurst with her family to take up an appointment as Lecturer at Law in 2014 in the Bachelor of Justice Studies program and has now been appointed to write content for the new LLB degree commencing in 2016, in addition to lecturing.

Lisa holds a BA/LLB GDLP from the Australian National University and a BTeach from CSU. 

Prior to 2014, Lisa spent 10 years as a courtroom lawyer, regularly appearing before the Magistrates, Children's, Supreme, Federal and Family Courts in Canberra and Melbourne, in addition to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and VCAT. She has represented three of the four major Australian banks and number of landmark Australian companies. 

She also has experience acting for both plaintiffs and defendants in civil and administrative proceedings, represented criminal defendants in summary and indictable matters, has worked as an in-house advisor to the Australian Federal Police, the Federal Government and as a legal researcher in Canada.

Lisa is joined by her husband and son and says she is delighted to make a contribution back to the education community who gave her the 'best headstart possible' when at ASC.




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