• Head of Junior School Message W09 T2 2018

    MR CHRIS JACKMAN We're Halfway There! I wish all of the Junior School students and their…
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  • Junior School Sports Report W09 T2 2018

    FOOTBALL Scots ASC Under 6 Foxes Scots ASC Foxes were very well matched with their round 7…
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  • Maths Matters W09 T2 2018

    Maths Matters #44 There are 44 ways that a group of five people (with different names) can all…
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  • Head of Senior School Message W09 T2 2018

    MR GREG JONES The End of An Era and The Start of A New Age As we come to the end of the term, it…
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  • Pre-Kindergarten News Wk 09 T2 2018

    Last week was ‘out of this world’ as we explored our galaxy in conjunction with the…
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