• Year 7 and Year 8 Technology

    5 May, 2014

    Year 7 Desk Tidies

    This year Technology students in Year 7 will rotate between units of work that focus on the fields of study in Agriculture, Food and Plastics. In each unit students are given a Design Brief related to the field of study. Students studying Food developed basic skills in food preparation and were  then required to design an innovative snack food. Those studying plastics learned how to develop and construct models of shapes from a Net Layout so they could apply it to their own design of a Desk Tidy made from acrylic. Many students were keen to incorporate methods for storing or stabilising iPads, other technology as well as traditional forms of stationery.

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    Year 8 Clocks

    Year 8 Technology students have enjoyed the first unit which involved the design and manufacture of a clock. This exciting new project incorporated the use of the new 3D printers, which enabled students to show their creativity and produce superb results.  Components or design features were produced using the 3D printers to combine with resistant materials such as acrylic and timber. The clocks these students produced are some of the best I have seen in my teaching career. Congratulations Year 8!

    Mrs Natalle Sutton

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