• Weekly Reflections W10 T3 2018

    26 September, 2018

    It has been a long and full term and it has been a joy to watch our students grow and develop their talents. It was a special moment last Tuesday to walk into our large Bickerdike gym and see 100 plus students practising the music for the Benefactors/Year 12 farewell.

    By the time you read this on Thursday, it will be done. The Year 12 students will have received their Bible and candle, they will have received a blessing sung by the kindergarten children and they will have walked a lap of honour amongst us. The new Prefects and House Captains will have been announced and Mr Christopher Morgan will have delivered his address. We especially asked Christopher to address the College as he is just putting the finishing touches on 'The History of All Saints’ College'. I will put his address on our website.

    As the term draws to a close the twin Memorial Walls at the front of the College have taken shape. These are to remind us not only of our three Day Houses but to keep in our vision the remarkable work of two (among so many) of our past students: Charles Bean and Gavin Long. These two were the official War historians for WW1 and WW2. The foundation has been laid and the bricklayers completed their work in a day.

    The walls will be rendered and painted white, and the names Bean and Long will be added. 

    There is a small plinth below the flagpole and this will have details in bronze of Arthur Hall, our Victoria Cross recipient.

    I hope that all this will be finished in time for Remembrance Day, which falls on a Sunday this year, so we will commemorate the Centenary of the Armistice on Friday, November 9 (Week 4 of Forth Term).

    I have written about Bean, Hall and Long in earlier columns.

    I hope that you are able to enjoy a satisfying holiday break.

    We will have a Staff Chapel on Monday, October 15th at 8:30 am and the students return on Tuesday 16th.

    Father Paul


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