• Theatresports 2014

    27 April, 2014

    THEATRESPORTS provides a “framework for the teaching of theatre skills: storytelling, focus, musicianship, status, physicalisation, dance, mime, timing, singing, theatre history, stage presence, stage craft, voice training, characterisation, playbuilding, discipline and good sportsmanship”.

    WHAT IS THEATRESPORTS? Theatresports is “improvised theatre entertainment played as a spectator sport…Teams of players invent scenes from given suggestions…play their scenes in structures we call games [and]…the scenes are judged by a panel”.

    IMPROVISATION is the process by which we spontaneously invent stories and characters in the moment. The concepts of ‘offer’ and ‘accept’ are integral to the process of improvisation. There is nothing new about improvisation. When man first rubbed two flints together, he was improvising.

    All Drama students at All Saints' College practice improvising as an integral part of their studies. Apart from being a dramatic context within itself, the art of improvising underpins students' learning of other dramatic forms and performance styles and provides a framework for play building towards performance.

    The students just love playing 'Theatresports'. It's a fun way to learn some really useful dramatic skills. They learn to work together in groups and feed off each other in a super-creative setting.

    Each year in Term 1, the Year 9 and 10 Drama students hold a Theatresports Competition. This year, three teams battled it out - The 'Double Ds', 'The Pandas' and 'The Gentleman's Society'. All the teams competed hard and they had the audience in fits of laughter. At the end of the day, though, 'The Gentleman's Society' featuring Roan van Heekeren, Thomas Craft, James Baker, Marcus Milton, Hannah Armstrong and Johanna Krebs were too hard to beat and they took out the crown.

    A big congratulations to all who competed and a big thank you to the audience for their support. 

    Mrs Zoë McGirr

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