• 'The Cheese Stand Alone'

    8 June, 2017

    The farmer really had no idea what would eventuate when he took the wife, who took the nurse, then the child, dog, cat and rat. But ... the rat did not take the cheese and thus began the fantastic story presented by the Infants students of ‘The Cheese Stands Alone’, a musical about standing up for what you believe in by John Jacobson and John Higgins.

    As the much anticipated main feature of the Junior School Choral Concert, ‘The Cheese Stands Alone’ provided entertainment and fun from the moment the Infants’ students walked in waving and smiling to the audience.

    The students wholeheartedly acted, sang and danced their way through the story telling of the alienation of the cheese and then his support from his friends, cheeses from around the world, who danced up a storm in ‘Hot Time in Cheese Town’.

    In the end friendships are renewed, tension erased, peer pressure is overcome and the Cheese no longer stands alone.

    The wonderful performance was made possible by many people.

    There were the very creative costume makers, the dedicated Infants’ staff with very special thanks to Mrs Jo Nicholls and Mrs Maggie Walsh, Music staff members led by Mrs Frances McLeod, the stage set up by Mr Graham Sharpe and his team, technical and lighting equipment and crew, Mr Gary Anderson and Mr Chris Jackman, Mrs Cherylene Anderson’s photography and Mrs Leonie Keogh’s publicity, program and catering.

    It was a fantastic performance which left everyone smiling and uplifted.

    Congratulations to all the students who delighted us all with their enormously entertaining, energetic and enthusiastic performance.

    Mrs Gabrielle Darlington (Infants Coordinator)

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