• Study and a BBQ

    9 November, 2017

    We have had a few warm nights recently and the girls have asked to study whilst sitting on the Marsden front lawn. The prep room gets quite hot and stuffy so they enjoy the fresh air which is more conducive to study.

    See photo of the Year 7 girls sitting quietly studying –
    From left to right (sitting) = Kyeisha, Eliza, Madi and Amabella
    Lying down = Harriett

    Every Sunday morning in summer terms we enjoy a cooked barbeque breakfast at the BBQ area at Marsden instead of going to the dining room.

    We are supplied with bacon and eggs and the staff member on duty plus some of the girls all enjoy cooking the breakfast – Harriett Mitchell (Year 7) is always to be seen helping to cook the breakfast – she tells me she loves cooking barbeques!

    See photo of Harriett cooking while a few girls are waiting patiently for their breakfast!

    Mrs Gill McAllister – Head of Marsden

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