• Students take part in Taiko Drumming Workshop

    30 March, 2016

    The Bickerdike boasted more bins than a garbage tin factory on Wednesday 23rd March but none of them were for rubbish.

    They were for music, Taiko Drumming to be precise!

    Years 5 and 6 had a great time modifying the bins to make their own version of a Taiko drum.

    Under the guidance of visiting expert Kiyomi Calwell, the students coloured the traditional Taiko design and used it in the new skin of the drum.

    A big thankyou to Mrs Tonia Cox for her help in preparing the drums and sticks for the students’ use.

    Taiko drumming is an art form particular to the Japanese culture and is very exciting to watch and to perform.

    It dates back thousands of years and requires performers to develop great self-control and rhythmic mastery.

    During the day students learnt about call and response, drumming techniques and performance ideas that are culturally based.

    All of Years 5 – 7 and the Japanese elective class from Year 8 participated in warm up exercises and drumming lessons that led to a wonderful performance complete with `enemy surprising’ shouts and choreography!

    Student feedback was overwhelmingly positive and all felt they had learnt much more about the culture and self-discipline than they had expected.

    There was a real sense of achievement following the completion of the group performance with everyone enjoying the positive energy it created.

    Mrs Frances McLeod, Coordinator of Music

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