• Special end of year Boarders' Chapel Service

    6 December, 2017

    On the second last chapel of the school year, 25th November, Father Paul decided to hold the regular boarders’ chapel service beside the pool as it was a warm evening.

    We planned to have the service, a BBQ dinner and a swim. However during a presentation by Father Paul, the heavens opened and it poured with rain. Father Paul quickly drew the service to a close and we all rushed for cover under the Bickerdike verandah!

    Brad managed to cook the BBQ under cover and we all ate while we kept dry.

    Thanks to our “Gappies” who also helped with the serving – Olivia, Kirsten and Kirsten’s twin sister Sarah (who is at Scots School).

    Some boarders braved the rain and enjoyed a quick swim until we had some thunder and lightning and so that activity was quickly abandoned too!

    Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)

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