• Pre-Kindergarten News W9 T3 2018

    19 September, 2018

    It was a glorious spring day for the Scots School Pre-Kinder classes to visit for a lovely time of fun and games in the playground.

    The children were excited as they recognised old friends, made new friends and had a wonderful time together in the beautiful afternoon sun.

    We are already looking forward to visiting Scots next term.

    During this week we learned about the letter ‘V’ and we enjoyed many activities such as painting vases of flowers, being veterinarians to our injured Australian wildlife and a variety of other activities.

    We heard a rumbling sound in the sandpit and all the dinosaurs rushed to see what was going on.

    When a volcano exploded, the dinosaurs were intrigued and did not become extinct at all but played in the flowing lava!

    We painted our own versions of volcanos and had lots of volcano play at the playdough, tuff tray and outside.

    In Maths, we read the story, ‘Let’s Go Visiting’ by Julie Vivas.

    We used our people blocks to vote for our favourite animals that we found in the book and put them in graph form to help us see which animals had the most or least votes.

    For news, everyone enjoyed bringing in helmets, photos and safety gear to show how they stay safe when riding bikes, scooters, motorbikes and horses.

    Check out our gallery HERE for more great photos

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