• Message From The Headmaster W4 T3 2018

    16 August, 2018

    From the Headmaster…
    Mr John Weeks, former Headmaster of Knox Grammar School, and I have enjoyed interviewing for the Middle Management positions for Scots All Saints College over the last two weeks. We have been very pleased with the high calibre of applicants from both campuses and are very confident that we have appointed excellent Heads of Department, Student Welfare and Co-curricular staff for the new school. These are very significant leadership roles within the school as these leaders will mentor and guide staff in curriculum areas, student welfare programs and aspects of the co-curricular programs during the integration phase of the new school and beyond. Strong academic, student welfare and co-curricular leadership is vital in a successful school and we are very fortunate to have highly experienced and enthusiastic staff ready to take on these leadership positions. 
    I wish to thank all the staff who took the time to apply for these positions. I am appreciative of the disappointment some staff will feel following the appointments. While understanding their disappointment, I wish to assure those staff of their great value to the school and the work they do every day with the students.
    As you will be able to see from the following list, we have decided to wait a few more weeks before we finalise appointments for a number of positions including Year Group Coordinators in the Senior School, Heads of House for the Girls’ Boarding and Junior School Coordinator. Applications for these positions will be called for in the next fortnight and we expect an announcement in a few weeks’ time.
    It is my great pleasure to announce the following middle management positions to take effect from the start of 2019 at Scots All Saints College. 
    Heads of Department
    Head of Student Enrichment, Advancement, Support and Services
    Mr Phillip Cant
    Head of Library Services
    Mrs Cate Mitchell 
    Head of English, EAL/D & LOTE
    Mr Leigh Morrisey          
    Head of Mathematics & PDHPE
    Mrs Shannon Rendall
    Head of Science
    Mr Peter O’Neill
    Head of HSIE
    Mr Richard Mottram
    Head of STEAM Years 9-12
    Mr Geoff Hayward
    Head of Performing Arts Years 9-12
    Mr Jon Clipsham
    Head of Sport Years 7-12
    Mr Scott Gardner
    Other Responsibility positions
    Coordinator of STEM Years 5-8
    Mrs Natalle Sutton
    Coordinator of Sport K-8
    Mrs Kay Nelson
    Stage & Year Coordinators (Student Wellbeing Team)
    Boys’ Boarding, Head of Bulkeley House
    Mr Spencer Goddard 
    Boys’ Boarding, Head of Ives House
    Mr Cameron Roxburgh 
    Girls’ Boarding, Head of Galloway House
    To be appointed
    Girls’ Boarding, Head of Thompson House
    To be appointed
    Junior School Coordinator
    To be appointed
    Stage 3 Coordinator
    Mrs Jo Nicholls 
    Year 7 Coordinator
    Mrs Cassie Pearce
    Year 8 Coordinator
    Mrs Catherine Dundon
    Year 9 Coordinator
    To be appointed
    Year 10 Coordinator
    To be appointed
    Year 11 Coordinator
    To be appointed
    Year 12 Coordinator
    To be appointed 
    The following Senior Executive and Senior Leadership appointments were announced late last term:
    Senior Executive   
    Head of Scots Campus / Director of Senior School 9-12
    Ms Tracey Leaf                
    Head of All Saints Campus / Director of Middle School 5-8
    Mr Chris Jackman
    Head of Academic Excellence  & Compliance K-12
    Mr Greg Jones
    Senior Leadership
    Director of Junior School K-4
    Mr Anthony Roohan
    Director of Student Wellbeing K-12
    Mr Tom van Gend
    Director of Co-curricular K-12
    Mr Justin Adams
    Director of Boarding 5-12
    Mr John Day
    I am very grateful for the enormous amount of extra work that is being done by staff in preparation for full integration in 2019. We are making excellent progress but there is still much that is to be done. I encourage staff to be positive and to be supportive of your colleagues through this process. 
    I am available to meet with staff to discuss any aspect of the integration process or the new school should you feel that you would like to do so. Please arrange to do so through Mrs Lisa Ellery on the All Saints Campus and Mrs Catherine McDonnell on the Scots Campus.  
    I am very excited about the upcoming Special Celebration of the new school as part of the Spring Fair on Sunday 9 September. The All Saints’ P & F are working very hard in preparation for this annual event and it provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the school to the Scots community and to the wider community too. There will be an opportunity to visit the facilities and to meet with staff during this day. The celebration will be a small part of the day at 11.30am to officially recognise the coming together of two wonderful independent schools. An opportunity will also be provided for the All Saints’ community to visit the Scots Campus at an Open Day organised for Saturday 27 October. 
    I wish Year 12 students at both schools all the best as they commence their HSC Trial Examinations and complete their HSC Major Works over the next few weeks. This can be a challenging time for the students so it is important that their family, friends and school staff work together to support them. Please do not hesitate to speak to the relevant staff should the need arise.
    Congratulations to Mrs Charmeon Jooste and Mrs Densie Garland for their exceptional work in the production of the Musical Oliver at the Scots Campus last weekend. It was a truly wonderful show with some exceptional acting and singing and a real breadth of talent with students from Years 5 to Year 12 involved. I also wish to thank the staff and parents who assisted with the production. We certainly have a great deal of talent in the performing arts at present and are fortunate to have such exceptional staff to be able to direct a challenging musical such as this.
    Have a good week.
    David Gates  
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