• Marsden Weekend Fun

    15 February, 2018

    We have just had a very busy weekend with lots of activities!

    Friday 9th Feb - many of our girls played basketball.

    Sat 10th - a large group of girls played touch.

    On Saturday, many girls went shopping and then in the evening I took a group of 16 girls to the Stardust Circus which has been in Bathurst for around 10 days.

    It was a terrific show with acrobats, high trapeze, clowns and lots of animals which for me were the highlight of the evening - a beautiful group of 6 lions - the best part being when one lion actually hugged his trainer!  Also monkeys, goats, pigs, dogs and horses. It was a great show and very entertaining - the girls loved it.

    Saturday evening Rebecca Ashton (Residential Assistant) took the remaining girls who did not attend the circus to “Macca’s” for a treat and then the usual “happy lap” of Mt Panorama.

    On Sunday afternoon some more girls went into town for shopping and then Rebecca took a small group to one of the orchards in Marsden Lane, Kelso for peaches, nectarines and apples.

    As it was a pretty hot weekend, the students also had a few dips in the pool to cool off.

    Some enterprising girls with Vanessa Cozens (Residential Assistant) borrowed tarps from me as well as using a large sheet of black plastic and copious amounts of liquid soap, had fun “slipping and sliding” on Marsden front lawn to cool off.

    Mrs Gill McAllister – Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding

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