• Marsden Weekend 4th/5th/6th August

    11 August, 2017

    A busy weekend in Marsden House ……………..

    On Friday night after dinner, Allison Welsh organised for the girls to make and cook a “mountain of pancakes” on the barbeque. 

    Allison bought packets of pancake mix which Kirsten and Olivia (our Gap students and Kirsten’s twin Sarah) and the girls all enjoyed mixing in a large bowl and then Allison, Harriet and Kyeisha cooked them.

    Everyone enjoyed them with maple syrup, chocolate sauce and caramel sauce. Rebecca (Ashton), her daughter Ella and I all turned up for a treat too!

    All the girls had a great time and we also had the company of Patrick Mitchell (Watson House Captain) and Charlie (Watson House Gap Student).

    On Saturday night after dinner, Rebecca Ashton brought her fire-pit around to the Marsden front lawn and the girls had a great time toasting giant marshmallows on sticks!

    They all sat around the fire for almost the whole evening and they all had a great time. 

    On Sunday afternoon, Rebecca took a group of girls into town – firstly to “Maccas” before doing a “happy lap” around Mt Panorama.

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    Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden)

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