• Literature Festival 2014

    13 April, 2014

    A picture tells a thousand words

    As we closed on our eighth annual Literature Festival it was timely to look back at the development of this programme and the effect it has had on our students. Our aim has always been to develop a love of reading in our students and to develop their critical and visual literacy skills.

    This year in the lead-up to the Festival all Junior School students spent much of their library time reading and analysing picture books, particularly the illustrators' we had booked for the festival. In the Senior School the teacher/librarians and the English teachers prepared their students for the sessions.

    The work of the students and staff was acknowledged in the feedback we received from all the illustrators. They were universally impressed by our students and their engagement. They made special reference to the insightful questions posed by so many of the students. These words in an email from Nicki Greenberg encapsulate their feelings: "Thank you again for having me at the Literature Festival. I had a great time, and was just so impressed by the enthusiasm of staff and students alike. It was wonderful to see how engaged and thoughtful the students were. They asked some of the best questions I've had at school talks. And they were super polite and friendly!"

    Our students are privileged to get annual exposure to so many of our top authors and illustrators and their developing critical and visual literacy skills are testament to these experiences.

    Mrs Michelle O’Brien and Mrs Lucinda Wells

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