• Boarding News: May 2014

    18 May, 2014

    Mother's Day Chapel

    On Sunday, 11th May, Reverend Tony Card held the Boarders’ Chapel Service at 10.00am instead of at the usual time of 6.30pm. Thank you to Reverend Tony for a lovely service.

    Thanks to the mums and dads who attended - Mrs Carina Card, Dr Peter Miller, Mrs Naomi Miller, Tamara and Mark Willcox, Susan and Martin Milton, Marie and Brian Plummer, Brad Allen and other boarding staff who were on duty.

    Many other parents were at school but they were either working at or watching their daughters at the All Saints' Equestrian event.

    Mrs Gillian McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)


    Marsden Girls: Autumn Leaves


    Marsden Girls: Showjumping Day

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