• Junior School Cox Plate Triathlon 2017

    20 December, 2017

    The annual Cox Plate triathlon was held at ASC in very warm conditions on Wednesday 22 November.

    Junior School students from Year 3 to Year 6 were invited to participate either individually or as part of a team. Students raced in their year group against other budding triathletes.

    The Year 3 and 4 course consisted of an 80-metre swim, 1.6 km ride and a 400-metre run – plenty long enough for little legs!

    The Year 5 and 6 course was a gruelling 125-metre swim, 2.5 km ride and 800-metre run with Year 6 competing for the Cox Plate. There were some courageous performances and spectators were impressed with the determination, endurance and sportsmanship of the students involved.

    Congratulations to Year 6 winners Todd Nelson and Kate Edwards.

    Their names will be engraved on the Cox Plate with the other champion triathletes from the past. I would also like to thank Garry from Belly’s Bikes for giving all the bikes a thorough once over as well as Mr Nelson, the teachers and Year 9 helpers who helped to make this event a success.


    Year 3

    Girls 1: Milla Nelson 2. Ruby Thorne 3. Ashley Mullins

    Boys 1: Lachie Nelson 2. Banjo Goodlet 3. Kosema Finau

    Team 1: Emma Parkinson, Oscar Withers, Riley Hunter

    Year 4

    Girls 1: Ava Purvis

    Boys 1: Lincoln Craft, Ashton Hornery, Archer Ryan

    Team 1: Ava Pollett, Sophie Lewis, Ava Hotham

    Year 5

    Girls 1: Grace Francis 2. Mia Reynolds 3. Diana English

    Boys 1: Charlie Rendall, 2. Noah Newman, 3. Charlie Gibbons

    Team 1: Fergus Campbell, Will Helms, Cooper Tribolet

    Year 6

    Girls 1: Kate Edwards, 2. Hannah Stanmore

    Boys 1: Todd Nelson, 2. Tom Cox 3. Joshua Hunter

    Team 1: Noah Siede, Toby Gough, Jude Sutton

    Mrs Kay Nelson

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