• Integration Update W9 T2

    28 June, 2018

    Integration Update #9 – 28 June 2018

    Last Update Until Next Term

    David sends his regards from the Northern Territory, where he and his family, and twelve students and two teachers, have been visiting Ti Tree community and school, a small community north of Alice Springs, which Scots has had a long association through the Ngurra Jirrama Foundation and from where three Scots’ boarding students come.

    Senior Staff Appointments

    Unfortunately, the formal announcement of the new Senior Leadership Team will be delayed until tomorrow morning as we are finalising some details in respect of the announcement. The announcement will be communicated to all staff tomorrow morning, and then sent by email to all parents tomorrow afternoon. As advised last week, the independent Panel was very impressed with all those who applied, and I would like to extend my thanks to all those who took the time to be interviewed and considered. Appointments will be made early in Term 3 for Heads of Department and Heads of House or Year Groups along with other senior responsibility positions. 

    Name Of The New School

    As has been advised from the beginning of this process, in two weeks’ time it will be the General Assembly that will approve the integration of the two schools. It will do this by approving the proposed Constitution for the new school and the members to the new School Board. To be absolutely transparent, a name for the new school has not been included in the Trustee Report to the General Assembly, nor has a name been advised to members of the General Assembly. In other words, while ‘Bathurst Presbyterian College’ was circulated last weekend through the two school communities as a result of some very enterprising Year 11 or 12 students, that name is still only an alternative to the name that was announced in March.

    The Trustees, and the combined two Schools Boards have undertaken a long and arduous process of initially considering and approving ‘Scots ASC College’ as the proposed name and then considering alternative names following the strident reaction to the announcement and a rallying call for a new name for the new school. It should be noted that that rallying call came not only from the All Saints’ community but from a wide range of stakeholders, including from some Scots parents and some Scots’ Old Boys and Old Girls whose view was that the new school should have a new name. The Trustees immediately acknowledged concerns about the name being effectively ‘College College’. As a result, they recognised that, at the very least, the name should be changed to be simply Scots ASC, or more correctly, Scots All Saints’ College.

    Whilst the process of choosing the new name was not intended to be democratic, the preferences (all different) of all major stakeholders have been critically important to them and they, and I on their behalf, have sought to consult as widely as possible in order to be well informed and to be respectful of all. This includes receiving and seriously considering a petition on Monday this week circulated by the Scots Old Boys and Old Girls for the Trustees to retain the original name or, at the very least, not to lose the ‘Scots’ name in the name for the new school. While I personally have offended a number of Scots Old Boys in recent email exchanges, which was not intended and for which I have extended my sincere apologies, I wish to assure all parents and Old Boys and Old Girls from both school communities that I have been utterly consistent from the very beginning of this process that the new school will be a true integration of the strengths and values of both our great schools, ‘weaved into a new school in respect to which current and future students will be as proud and as loyal as our current Old Boys and Old Girls are for their school’.

    Indeed, the very understandable and deeply appreciated emotions from both school communities, initially from All Saints’ and more recently from The Scots School, are testament to the strength of values that have carried both schools through some very difficult times in past years, as well as into the current period of change. These values will strongly underpin the values that will emerge in the new school. In summary, I can confirm that ‘Bathurst Presbyterian College’ will be going before the Assembly as an alternative to ‘Scots All Saints’ College’. The Assembly will be fully informed of the journey that we have travelled over the past three months in respect of these two names, including the appeals received, and the Assembly alone will choose the name.

    We acknowledge that neither name may be acceptable to some parents. To those, I appeal to you to wait until we have time to present the full branding for the new school in Term 3, including the design for the new school uniforms, as all those who are involved are truly excited about how these, and every other aspect of the new school, are coming together. I trust you and your families have a relaxed break over these school holidays and I look forward to communicating with you again in Term 3.

    Kind regards,
    Jeof Falls

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