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    13 September, 2018

    Integration Update 13 September 2019

    Thanks to the All Saints’ College P&F and parents for a wonderful Spring Fair 
    Heartiest congratulations to All Saints’ College P&F President, Tracey Finau, the Spring Fair Committee and supporter parents for a highly successful Spring Fair. It was a beautiful spring day and the School Board appreciated the support of the P&F to have the Special Ceremony as part of the Fair. We have received fantastic feedback about the video that was released during the Special Ceremony, which can be found on the Scots All Saints College Facebook Page:

    New School Plaid and Uniform
    Following many hours of meetings and consultative discussions involving the Executives of both schools’ P&F Associations, the Sports Masters and the School Board, it is my privilege to launch the new plaid (tartan) and uniform. Due to available space in this Update, I have attached three pictures: a photo of the actual weave of the plaid for the girls’ uniform; a picture of the Middle and Senior School uniforms; and a picture of the Junior School uniform for girls.

    The core uniform will be identical across both Middle and Senior schools. It will encompass a Navy Blazer with Crest; Navy V-neck Jumper with Red and Blue stripe at neck; White Shirt – short and long Sleeve; and Grey Trousers and Shorts.

    The Junior School uniform (K-4) will be styled for younger children using the same elements, but without the Blazer. Girls will wear a V-neck check pinafore (pictured), which is a new style, and will be more dress-like in shape. It will be cooler in summer as it will not have double thickness as are the current pinafores and will be worn all year round.

    Girls and boys will have the option to wear either a blue or red jumper (the new school colours). This will result in a glorious mix of blue and red throughout the Junior School as girls and boys wear their preferred colour. It will also mean that the transition from Year 4 to Year 5 (from Junior to Middle School) will be celebrated by all boys and girls moving from their red and blue jumpers to navy jumpers that will remain the same through to Year 12.

    The Pre-Kindergarten uniform is currently being designed and it and other uniform components, including ties, socks, summer, winter and elite sports uniforms, house polo shirts, hats, etc., will be shown to the Board shortly and released as soon as they are approved.

    As there is a two year phase-in period for the uniform, the designers and the Board resolved it was sensible to take time to do it well. Having said this, the current priority is to have the core components of each of the Pre-K, Junior, Middle and Senior School uniforms available for the start of the 2019 school year.  

    In announcing these uniforms, I would like to thank sincerely everyone who has been involved in sharing their views and suggestions about the designs over the past few months. It has been very challenging at times to reconcile emotionally different points of view. The Board commends these new uniforms to all students and parents.

    The Board and Uniform Committee continue to work with the Executive of both P&F Associations, so please address your questions and comments to them in the first instance. We will respond to questions and announce further design elements in future communications as they continue to be developed.

    Kind regards,

    Jeof Falls


    Integration Facilitator










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