• HSC Chemistry Breakfast

    16 June, 2017

    The HSC Chemistry cohort in 2017 are a great group of young people and a dedicated group of students who often meet outside school hours to discuss ideas and plough through a course that is particularly content-heavy. 

    Sharing breakfast with them before a 7.30 am start is always a delight.

    Our recent discussions upon the environmental aspects of Chemistry prompted a number of students to attend the very interesting talk by Professor Clive Hamilton about the Anthropocene (the age of human-kind) and the challenges ahead. 

    It also initiated a visit to the school by Professor Johannes Bauer who addressed our assembly, at the invitation of Marcus Croft, with regard to climate change. 

    School prefects consequently organised an ‘Earth Day’ selling cupcakes so that students, Isabelle Harrison and Georgia Poole, could contribute money to Environmental House in East Timor. 

    Environmental House promotes and teaches sustainable development within their country. 

    Mr Peter O'Neill (Head of Science)

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