• Ensembles On Song

    28 November, 2017

    Students of the Junior School Music Program entertained family and friends at the Ensembles Concert On Thursday 16 November.
    The concert opened with the Stage 2 String Ensemble followed by the Stage 2 Concert Band and feature performances from the individual sections of the ensembles.
    The Stage 2 Band then joined the Stage 3 band to perform a fantastic rendition of the Star Wars theme.


    The Stage 3 String ensemble performed ‘Dragon Hunter’, followed by the trios and quartets playing a range of pieces.
    The audience was then treated to clarinet, flute, woodwind, percussion and brass performances by the year 5 and 6 students.

    The Stage 3 Concert Band closed the show with a great performance of ‘Rolling in the Deep’.
    Special thanks to the wonderful music staff, Liz Sargeant, Nick Newell, Rhonda Coleman and Hollie Coleman and congratulations to all students involved!
    Mrs Elizabeth Tamsitt
    Acting Coordinator of Music - Junior School (Edited by Scott Anderson)



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