• Christmas Carols 2017

    19 December, 2017

    There is always an air of expectancy as the whole College gathers for the Carol service in the Cathedral.  We have been preparing for this all of term 4.  The theme this year was Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, and the music was chosen with this theme in mind.

    The Kindergarten students prepared by Mrs Gabrielle Darlington took centre stage. This year they had much more room as a special stage had been prepared for them. They were the moving parts for the Christmas story which was read by members from the Day Houses, Admin staff and P&F representative.

    The Cathedral was set up by the College grounds staff and all was ready for the animal compound and what it held … a quiet miniature pony. Thanks to Margaret Gall and her helpers. Our poultry specialist student, Campbell Roweth had made some cages and these were set up at either side of the altar with hens and roosters. It was a delight to hear them squark at unauthorised times during the proceedings. While I delivered my address I was told that, unbeknown to me, the rooster at the other side of the altar was doing what rooster’s do!

    We know what to expect from the Year 6 students, and it is awesome. They begin the service by slicing the silence with the hymn: Once in Royal David’s City. Anisha Gill sang the first verse unaccompanied. The Year 6’s then made their way through a packed middle aisle and stood behind the altar to finish the hymn. At the end of the service they re-gathered with their candles, behind the altar, for the Advent hymn: O Come O Come Emmanuel. It was a joy to watch Mrs Elizabeth Tamsitt conduct the Year 6’s and turn then, to conduct the congregation.

    It is amazing how many choirs can be raised from our student cohort. They sang: Like a Candle, Little Donkey, Gloria Deo, and, as Senior choirs do with such confidence: Mary did you know. As a reflection after the address the string group played a Yuletide collection of well known tunes.

    The address focussed on The Rev’d Samuel Marsden, the second Chaplain to the Colony, and his message delivered at the Bay of Islands in New Zealand on Christmas morning 1814: Behold I bring you good tidings of great joy, words from Luke 2:10. Recent scholarship has uncovered that he delivered the address in the language of the people – Maori.

    May you, too, have a fresh understanding of these words as you prepare for this season of God with us.

    Father Paul Woodhart

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