• Attack Your Drama With Zeal!

    5 June, 2018

    Zeal Theatre paid a visit to All Saints’ on Tuesday. This dynamic duo of Stefo and Tom tour to many schools performing their original works and running workshops with Drama students. They presented their piece King Hit for Years 9 and 10. This is a production where the two men play a multitude of characters to tell an evocative and culturally relevant story. In the play, some teens are having a party, unsupervised by parents and the event soon gets disrupted by drinking and violence. Things come to a head when a fight breaks out and one boy is knocked unconscious as he falls and hits his head on a coffee table. 

    Soon he is in the hospital clinging to life and the play starts to investigate the ramifications of this event.  Luckily we get to rewind and the teens make new choices, avoid the violence and all get to live.  Students really engaged with this piece, absorbing the message and appreciating how actions must inevitably lead to consequences.

    Later in the day, Stefo and Tom worked closely with Drama students from The Scots School and Saints’ assisting them with their performance and acting skills with a particular focus on improving Stage 6 assessment pieces. The students had a wonderful time and produced some memorable and insightful pieces of Drama.

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