• All Saints' Equestrian Complex Development

    16 May, 2014

    Equestrian facilities at All Saints’ College, Bathurst have undergone a major upgrade during the Easter school holidays. The school is extremely proud of the magnificent new fully fenced riding arena, round yard and landscaped grounds of the equestrian area. The huge effort involved is a direct reflection of the growing popularity of equestrian activities at All Saints’.

    The new arena was officially opened on Saturday, 10th May, by the Head of College, Dr Peter Miller, to the delight of a large crowd of All Saints’ equestrian supporters. The speeches summed up an appreciation for the many people who physically and financially contributed to the upgrade, with particular thanks given to the enormous efforts of Agriculture teacher Mr Mark Whitfeld and Equestrian President Mr Ian Redpath.

    All Saints’ College equestrian has been going from strength to strength in recent years with high student participation and enthusiasm along with record horse agistment. As such, the old but well-loved arena and horse area had well gone past its use by date.

    An undertaking was made to upgrade the facilities during the holidays after Term 1, 2014. Our goal was to have it completed by the commencement of Term 2.

    Given the tight time frame, there were several key considerations. Funding was the first issue.

    Thanks to the co-ordinated financial support of the All Saints’ Parents’ and Friends’ Association, the All Saints’ Foundation, the All Saints’ equestrian team, the College itself along with family donations, the project was fully funded from commencement. Next, we needed to ensure materials could be obtained and erected during the holidays. We received enormous support and willingness to help from local businesses to achieve this. Blayney Cranes, AJS Electrical, MaxHire, Hothams Sand and Gravel, Phil Cuzner Bobcat, Daryl Sargent - fence erector, Oberon Quarries, Metalcorp, Endless Belt at Lithgow, Mathos Group – the Arena manufacturer, Wild Boar sheds and Churches Nursery all went beyond the call of duty to help us meet our deadline.

    Mark Whitfeld kindly gave up his school holidays to co-ordinate the project. He and I received great help from the following volunteers. Tony, Carina, Isabelle and Thomas Card; Jack Dunn and his father, Lewis Dunn; Ryan and Rhys Clyne; Nicole and Anthony Stockman; Harry Gavey, Henry Morgan and the Year 9 Agriculture class; Christopher, Matthew and Timothy Jackman; Brian Sinclair and of course my family, Kerrie, Cameron and Megan Redpath who helped endlessly onsite and provided encouragement during the project. Gregory and Lynne Woodlock restored the windows in the newly re-positioned carriage and Christopher and Xanthe Morgan completed the period painting and striping on the carriage. Thank you to everyone.

    Many have asked how they can help financially. We will be erecting a recognition board and families can have their name added for a contribution of $100. This money will help support the ongoing improvement and final items we want to achieve such as two day yards, a wash bay, lighting for the area and internal upgrades to the carriage.

    Overall, the project has been a great success. Everyone’s contribution has been amazing. We all enjoyed a great time working on the project and the weather was on our side the entire time as well.

    We feel our commitment to the College has been achieved. We have been able to present the returning students and parents with a new, safe and functional Equestrian complex. Work was completed on time, under budget and beyond expectations. Well done everyone.

    Mr Ian Redpath (All Saints' College Equestrian Team President)

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