• 2018 Benefactors Service, Farewell to Year 12 and Prefects Announcement

    18 October, 2018

    Our last Benefactors, Farewell to Year 12 and Recognition of the new Prefects for 2019 was held on Thursday September 28th at All Saints’ Cathedral.

    The order of service is a tried and proven formula which includes as many as possible. This does not fall into place the night before. There were music practices, orchestral rehearsals and readings divvied out, as well as special speakers considered and chosen.

    Speeches were crafted and polished then polished again. It was a grand occasion. The workies had come the day before, to full the Cathedral with extra chairs and adjust the heavy cedar pews.

    The call went out for anyone who could play an instrument to join up. So we had over 100 students ready to give of their best. Ms Elizabeth Sargent conducted them with a confidence which inspired us all.  God is our strength and refuge to the Dam Busters tune set the troop train going and all the verses of For All the Saints carried it to the gates of heaven.

    The Captains read two Bible passages, from Ecclesiastes 12 – Remember your creator in the days of your youth and from Philippians 4 - Whatever is true, noble, pure…think on these things. Mr Christopher Morgan who is well known in our College Community and who is working on the up to date History of All Saints’ College delivered the address.

    Members of each Day House led the prayers and Mr David Gates our new Headmaster gave out the Candles and Bibles to each of the Year 12’s as a farewell gift. The farewell did not end there, as the Kindy students faced the standing Year 12’s and sang a song of Promise to them: I will be with you.

    One of the Year 12 Prefects, Amber Stockman requested that song especially because she, when in Kindergarten a few years ago, sang it to the outgoing Year 12’s. The Year 12’s did a lap of honour through the Cathedral and a similar farewell procession at the end of the service.

    They were led by two specially chosen ladies who had long connections – Ruby Woodlock who carried the All Saints’ College Flag and Anna Single who carried the Marsden Flag. There were many hearts bursting throughout the service and many reaches for a tissue.

    At the front of the Cathedral were 12 vacant seats and as Mr Gates announced the cohort of Prefects from our College they came forward and took their positions of responsibility. Their Commissioning will be on Sunday October 29th at Scots Assembly Hall, with the cohort from Scots.

    Lastly, there were Choirs – the Junior School who filled the Sanctuary and was conducted by Mrs Frances McLeod and the Senior Girls who sang so powerfully.

    My thanks to Jon Clipsham for his advice, gathering and physical setting up. And, the rest of the staff who shepherd those around them.

    There were words of appreciation from two Year 12’s. Declan Duncan- Keen and Bethany McCumstie and a heartfelt reply from the acting Head of Senior School, Mr Greg Jones.

    Thanks to Robyn Fernando Gillon for her welcome to country and Mrs Judy Brook for her organ accompaniment.

    We had two photographers who captured the action, Matthew Parkinson and Zoe Lewis and in the gallery following are some of the sights which they seized for posterity. Is there a last mention? Why yes, a quiet and sincere clap to Mrs Cherylene Anderson who sits in the Publications Office and crafts the words, ideas and directions into a printable service sheet. I have lost count of the number of drafts which pass before the last words: Let’s go to print.

    This was indeed a Sacrifice of Praise.

    The Rev’d Paul Woodhart (Chaplain)

    Click HERE for a Photo Gallery


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