• 2017 HSC Results

    19 December, 2017

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    The 2017 HSC results are outstanding and are a reflection of the outstanding effort and commitment invested by our students with the caring and professional teaching, support and guidance provided by our staff. Once again students from All Saints’ College have exceeded expectations and achieved extraordinarily well in the 2017 Higher School Certificate. There were 51 students in the class of 2017. The following summarises some of their achievements:

    • almost 20% of ATAR students achieved an ATAR of 90 or more and 31% of students achieved an ATAR of 80 or more.

    • Harrison Gavey from Oberon was Dux of All Saints’ College with an ATAR of 96.50.

    • Students achieved 26 Merit Listings across a wide range of courses. Twenty-nine percent of our students received a merit listing.

    • 76% of students achieved one or more Band 5/6 results, with more than three quarters of those in more than one subject.

    • All Saints’ College presented students in 26 courses and, of these, an outstanding 17 were at or above the state mean, some by significant margins. For example, the mean mark in Standard English, General Mathematics, Agriculture, Ancient History, Design & Technology, German Continuers, Hospitality, Physics, and Visual Arts were all more than five marks above the state average. Standard English, General Mathematics, Agriculture, and Visual Arts all had more than 3 times the expected number of Band 6 results with Agriculture the highest at 3.7 times the expected number of band 6 results.

    • Because Band 6 results (Merit Listings) concentrate on the top students, some consider that a more meaningful statistic is the proportion of students in the top 2 bands (a mark of 80 or more in a 2 Unit course). The following courses all had at least half (and in some cases all) of the All Saints’ candidature in the top 2 bands: Ancient History, Chemistry, Design & Technology, English (Advanced), English Extension, English Extension 2, German Continuers, Legal Studies, Mathematics Extension, Music 1, Physics, Tourism, and Visual Arts.

    The above results are testimony to the dedication of the staff at All Saints’ and the commitment to excellence fostered amongst the College community. Attention to individual students and the encouragement of students to take responsibility for their own learning through a collaborative approach lies at the heart and soul of this success. We are particularly proud of our ‘average’ students who have achieved results that are well beyond average. At this time it is pleasing to speak to students and learn that they have gained entry into their preferred university courses. We wish all our students continuing success in the future.

    ATAR above 85: Harrison Gavey (96.50), Hannah Nobes (96.30), Nicholas Brouggy (94.55), Rebecca Vann (93.80), Heidi Stokes (92.70), David Goodman (92.60), Clare Carter (92.45) , Sophie Cant (91.90) , Ellena Shearing (91.25) , Angela Phillips (88.35), Elizabeth Crampton (86.00), Tasha Hurley (85.75).

    Merit Listings: Nicholas Brouggy (Advanced Mathematics, Ancient History, Chemistry, Physics), Sophie Cant (Modern History), Clare Carter (General Matheamtics), Harrison Gavey (Chemistry, Standard English, Ancient History), Tasha Hurley (Agriculture, General Mathematics), Hannah Nobes (Biology, Modern History, Visual Arts), Angela Phillips (Biology, Design & Technology), Phoebe Reynolds (Agriculture), Benson Saap (General Mathematics), Ellena Shearing (Ancient History), Liberty Smith (Visual Arts), Maxim Sotter (General Mathematics), Heidi Stokes (General Mathematics), Rebecca Vann (Earth & Environmental Science, General Mathematics, Visual Arts), Victoria Westenfelder (German Continuers).

    Mr Greg Jones.


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