• 2018 Benefactors Service, Farewell to Year 12 and Prefects Announcement

    Our last Benefactors, Farewell to Year 12 and Recognition of the new Prefects for 2019 was held on…
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  • Senior School Sports Report W1 T4 2018

    Many Summer sports will get underway this weekend so check back here for reports later on. It is…
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  • Integration Update W1 T4 2018

    Integration Update - 18 October 2018 Term 4 promises to be filled with many farewells and tributes…
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  • Junior School Sports Report W1 T4 2018

    The Junior Cricket season is starting again this Saturday, 20th October. With our schools combining…
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  • A Feat Worth Trumpeting

    Emma Russell, Year 11, has received a nomination to perform her HSC Music 2 Repertoire at Encore.…
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