2017 Marsden House Leaders Heidi Stokes (Captain) and Clare Carter (Vice Captain) with Head of House/Girls' Boarding Mrs Gillian McAllister.

Marsden House is named after Marsden School, which in turn was named after the Marsden family which has a long association with the diocese of Bathurst. Bishop Samuel Marsden was one of the founders of All Saints' College. It is a boarding house for senior secondary girls.


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Bush Children's Education Foundation - Secondary Boarding Bursary for 2017  

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These include the Assistance for Isolated Students (AIS), Youth Allowance and Boarding Scholarship for Isolated Students (BSIS), the latter applying only to Agricultural High Schools.

The organisation was founded 51 years ago and continues to provide support to isolated and disadvantaged students in NSW.






Marsden go to Millthorpe

On Sunday 3rd December, Rebecca Ashton and I took a group of Marsden boarders to the Millthorpe Markets. Bec’s daughter Ella (Year 5) also came along for the day. We were very lucky with the weather and despite a forecast of rain, it actually stayed dry!

There were many stalls, selling a variety of items – from craft to clothes, knick-knacks, wood, pottery etc …… and lots of food stalls too. We all had a wonderful time and we all spent lots of money!

Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)

Melbourne Cup Trivia Night

Vanessa Cozens joined us in Marsden House at the beginning of term 4 as a Residential Assistant.

On Saturday evening, 4th November, Vanessa was on duty and decided that with the Melbourne Cup coming up, she would run a trivia night based on the Melbourne Cup!

We had 2 boys from Watson House join the girls in the junior girls’ common-room at 7pm.

Thank you to Charlie Davis and Anson Biggs for participating.

They all got themselves into teams of two and Hannah kept a running total of the scores as they played 6 rounds of trivia questions.

Congratulations to the winning pair -  Kyeisha and Madi (both in Year 7!)

2nd place = Caitlin and Pacii (Year 11)

3rd place – Rebecca (staff) and her daughter Ella (Year 5)

Prizes were given out for each round and they all enjoyed lollies and chocolates!

Everyone had a great time and thank you to Vanessa for organising this.

Mrs Gill McAllister – Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding

Study and a BBQ

We have had a few warm nights recently and the girls have asked to study whilst sitting on the Marsden front lawn. The prep room gets quite hot and stuffy so they enjoy the fresh air which is more conducive to study.

See photo of the Year 7 girls sitting quietly studying –
From left to right (sitting) = Kyeisha, Eliza, Madi and Amabella
Lying down = Harriett

Every Sunday morning in summer terms we enjoy a cooked barbeque breakfast at the BBQ area at Marsden instead of going to the dining room.

We are supplied with bacon and eggs and the staff member on duty plus some of the girls all enjoy cooking the breakfast – Harriett Mitchell (Year 7) is always to be seen helping to cook the breakfast – she tells me she loves cooking barbeques!

See photo of Harriett cooking while a few girls are waiting patiently for their breakfast!

Mrs Gill McAllister – Head of Marsden

Marsden farewell supper for Allie

On Thursday evening 21st September, all Marsden girls and staff congregated in the junior girls’ common room for a special supper of chocolate biscuits and cakes to farewell Allison Welsh.

Allie (as she is known) has been in Marsden for almost 3 years, starting off as a Residential Assistant before becoming Assistant Head of House.

Allie also works in the clinic 3 days a fortnight and often fills in on other days. Although leaving Marsden, Allie will continue in her role in the clinic for the second half of term 4, after she has completed a nursing placement at Cowra Hospital.

We presented Allie with a couple of gifts – a lovely scarf and a cookbook. We now wish Allie all the best for the future and for wherever she ends us continuing her nursing career. 

Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)



Year 12 Marsden Girls Celebration

On Thursday evening, 14 September, the Year 12 girls and I went to The Great Wall Restaurant in town where we all enjoyed a Chinese Banquet for dinner.

We had plenty of food, starting with spring rolls and dim sims, followed by honey chicken, sweet and sour pork, Mongolian lamb, stir fry vegetables, fried rice and steamed rice.

We then went to Annie’s where we all had an ice-cream and finally we did a “happy lap” of Mt Panorama before returning to the boarding house.

It was a really lovely night and a celebration for the Year 12 girls who are almost finished their formal school life!

Heidi, Clare and Tasha have been here for their entire senior school years (6 years) arriving as shy little girls in Year 7 to the mature and wonderful young ladies they have all become today.

Mrs Gill McAllister ( Head if Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)


Grand Finals

On Saturday 16 September, I took all the remaining girls who were in Marsden House down to the netball courts after lunch so that we could ALL enjoy watching the 1sts and the 2nds play in their grand final matches.

Many girls were out for the weekend so we all easily piled into the school bus at 1.15pm.

It was very exciting watching the firsts in their final quarter as the score was incredibly close but the girls finally had a thrilling win by one goal, right on the final whistle! A nail-biting finish!

Bad luck to the 2nds who lost their game by 3 goals; and to 14 White who lost by 2 goals.

Congratulations to the Opens Hockey girls who also had a win.

There were boarders in all the teams who played in the finals – Hannah Nobes, Heidi Stokes, Kate Hodges, Eliza Weldon, Harriett Mitchell and Madi Ford. Congratulations to all teams.

Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)


R U OK? Day

On Thursday 14 September, the school acknowledged R U OK? DAY to support mental health and everyone wore something yellow for the day.

In Marsden House we also decided to do something special. We put all names (girls and staff) into a container and everyone pulled out piece of paper with someone's name on it.

We then did something special for that person on Thursday by writing them a nice note, writing a poem, giving them a flower or a chocolate or a small gift.

It made everyone feel very special and appreciated.      

Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)


Marsden Dinner 2017

On Saturday 26 August, we once again held our Annual Marsden Formal Dinner at the Carrington in Keppel Street.

This dinner is primarily to farewell our Year 12 girls but also to recognise the girls’ achievements throughout the year.

We gave out Leadership Certificates, Clean Room Certificates, “All Rounder” Certificates and finally two Honour Boards for “Spirit of Marsden – awarded to Clare Carter, and most helpful student throughout the year  - awarded to Sharmeakah Riley.

It was a great night and thank you to all parents, grandparents and staff who attended.

A total of 77 people attended which included 32 boarders, 35 guests, 10 staff and a staff child.

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Steven and Trudy O’Connor, Mr Stewart Ross, Ms Wendy Reardon and Father Paul for coming, as well as our Marsden Staff – Allison Welsh, Rebecca Ashton, Kirsten and Olivia, our two Gap Assistants and Ella Ashton (Bec’s 11 year old daughter).

We had a superb meal in a beautiful setting. The Year 11 girls all spoke on behalf of the Year 12 girls and then presented them with some flowers and a photo album, titled “Marsden Memories” of their time in boarding.

A very big thank you to Allison for putting this album together.

Heidi Stokes (House Captain) and Clare Carter (Vice-Captain) then replied with a lovely speech, followed by a “cheeky/tongue in cheek” speech from Tasha Hurley!

These three girls have spent six years in boarding, from Year 7 through to Year 12.

They were presented with a special gift – a keyring engraved with their names and dates on the back so that they will never forget their time in boarding – which I am sure they won’t!

Thanks to Father Paul who brought along his guitar and sang “Amazing Grace” along with Jemma Munro, Anna Single and Paxton Hewitt – it was beautiful.

Paul also organised for Sharmeakah Riley and Robyn Fernando-Gillon to do a “welcome to country” before Paul said Grace and we commenced our meal.

It was a wonderful night and a credit to the girls who all looked amazing and beautiful.

Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)

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Birthday Celebration

On Tuesday evening 15 August, at supper break, we celebrated Ella Ashton’s 11th birthday with her, her mum Rebecca, her grandma and the boarders.

Grandma and Ella spent most of the day making a huge amount of cupcakes and decorating them to share with the Marsden boarders.

Click HERE to see photos of us all in the junior girls’ common room at 8.15pm.

Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)


Marsden Weekend 4th/5th/6th August

A busy weekend in Marsden House ……………..

On Friday night after dinner, Allison Welsh organised for the girls to make and cook a “mountain of pancakes” on the barbeque. 

Allison bought packets of pancake mix which Kirsten and Olivia (our Gap students and Kirsten’s twin Sarah) and the girls all enjoyed mixing in a large bowl and then Allison, Harriet and Kyeisha cooked them.

Everyone enjoyed them with maple syrup, chocolate sauce and caramel sauce. Rebecca (Ashton), her daughter Ella and I all turned up for a treat too!

All the girls had a great time and we also had the company of Patrick Mitchell (Watson House Captain) and Charlie (Watson House Gap Student).

On Saturday night after dinner, Rebecca Ashton brought her fire-pit around to the Marsden front lawn and the girls had a great time toasting giant marshmallows on sticks!

They all sat around the fire for almost the whole evening and they all had a great time. 

On Sunday afternoon, Rebecca took a group of girls into town – firstly to “Maccas” before doing a “happy lap” around Mt Panorama.

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Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden)


Marsden girls enjoy Athletics Carnival

Tuesday 1 August proved to be a relatively warm and sunny day for our annual Athletics Carnival despite it raining all day Monday and the threat of rain later in the week.

We were indeed very lucky with the weather on the day.

As always, Marsden Year 12 girls dressed up in fancy dress in their house colours while the rest of the girls wore their respective house t-shirts.

Congratulations to the many girls who participated in events and to those who cheered them on throughout the day!

It was a great day and thoroughly enjoyed by all – many girls were very tired that night having competed in many events, so it was a quiet evening in the boarding house with many girls in bed early and sound asleep before normal lights out!

“Well done to all”.      

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Mrs Gill McAllister – Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding


Marsden go to the Circus

On Saturday 29 July, 20 Marsden girls, three staff and two staff children headed off to the circus in town.

Almost every junior girl attended and quite a few Year 11 girls also.

We had a great night – the circus was terrific with lots of acrobatics, high wire balancing acts, trapeze acts, dancing ponies, a clown, daredevil stunts on motorbikes, etc ……… some acts were quite exciting and almost scary as in four motorbikes in a cage for the show finale!

The highlight of the evening I believe was Lillie Emery entering the ring with the clown and she participated in an amusing vanishing balloon act!

We all thoroughly enjoyed the show and a big thank you to Rebecca Ashton for coming along and to Justin Café for driving the bus for us.

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Mrs Gill McAllister – Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding


Pyjama Party/Movie Night

We welcome a new staff member to Marsden House this semester – Rebecca Ashton – who is also a parent at the school to Ella in Year 5.

Bec has already proved in three weeks to be a wonderful addition to our staffing in Marsden House.

On her first weekend of duty, Bec ran a movie night and the dress code was ……….. pyjamas!

The girls loved the evening and were entertained with a girly movie, popcorn, snakes and lollies!

See photo above of the junior girls, Ella and Bec all happily enjoying each other’s company in the junior girls’ common room.

Mrs Gill McAllister – Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding 

Farewell suppers in Marsden

At the end of Term 2, we farewelled two staff members – Naomi Atkinson (Assistant Head of House) and Skye Allan (Residential Assistant).

We also farewelled Naoko Ishikura, our lovely Japanese exchange student who spent first semester in our boarding community as a Year 10 boarder.

Naomi left after 18 months to continue her university course in Physical Education. Skye left us as she could not renew her visa and had to return to England.

Skye started off as a Gap student in 2015 and at the end of her year here, she became a Residential Assistant and continued in that role for another year.

Allison Welsh (Assistant Head of House) had a little staff “supper party” to farewell them both and we had cake and English tea – the tea prepared lovingly by Sophie Finch – she showed us all THE proper English way to make tea!

We also had a “supper party” in the boarding house for the girls to farewell Naoko our exchange student from Japan and also Skye and Naomi. We had cakes and chocolate biscuits and then presented gifts to them all.

We especially wish Naoko all the very best back home with family and school in Japan as she continues her education. She was a delight to have in the boarding house in first semester and she will most definitely be missed.

Naoko immersed herself fully into the life of the school and played tennis for the school as well as pursuing her love of golf. She wants to be a professional golfer!  We also wish Skye and Naomi all the best for the future.

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Mrs Gill McAllister- Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding


Marsden girls at Presentation Ball

Our Annual Presentation Ball was again held at Panther’s in Bathurst, on Saturday night 27th May.

It was a glittering occasion with the girls all beautifully dressed in their wonderful white dresses, white shoes, white gloves, beautiful hair-do’s and sparkling jewellery.

This year the Marsden girls enjoyed the night after being presented to Mr and Mrs O’Connor, dancing the Presentation Waltz, having a great meal with families and friends and then dancing the night away until midnight.

Marsden girls: Anna Single, Paxton Hewitt, Caitlin Willcox, Caitlin Harvey, Grace Ciesiolka, Fiona Campbell, Jazmin Johnston, Lillie Emery, Jemma Munro and Naoko Ishikura.

For Naoko in particular this was a great occasion and I hope she takes some wonderful memories of the night back to Japan when she finishes her exchange visit with us at the end of this term.

We wish her all the very best for the future. She will be missed by Marsden staff and Marsden students.

Mrs Gillian McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)



Marden Fancy Dress Night

Harriett and Eliza.

Allison Welsh (Assistant Head of House) was on duty on Friday, 25 March.

She supplied the junior girls with a boxful of accessories, including coloured paper, newspaper, streamers etc and suggested they dress up and make “costumes”.

She followed up with a fashion parade after they had dressed up.

The girls had a great time devising some fancy outfits and here are some of the Year 7’s and 8’s in their designs.

    From left to right: Amy (who had just returned from basketball) Robyn, Harriett, Eliza.          

Robyn and Eliza.


Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)



Marsden girls enjoy Swimming Carnival

We had a wonderful sunny day on Thursday 16 February for the annual swimming carnival in the college pool.

As always the Marsden girls got right into the spirit of the day and swam their hearts out and enthusiastically cheered those who swam. There was certainly plenty of loud cheering and singing house songs!

There were many painted faces and bodies with red, yellow or blue stripes depending on which day house they belonged to – Barton, Bean or Long.

Some boarder parents came for the day, travelling long distances to be here – thank you!

At the end of the day, Long House are the Champions for this year – so congratulations to Long House – especially because Tasha Hurley (a boarder) is the girl captain for Long House!

A great day was had by all.


Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsdeh House/Girls’ Boarding)


Ice Cream Night at Marsden

On Friday night 3 February, Allison Welsh (Assistant Head of House) organised a special supper for the girls and bought them a selection of ice-cream, toppings, lollies and chocolates to make their own “cold-rock” ice cream.

It was an extremely hot night so ice cream was a welcome relief.

Thank you to Allie for organising this special treat for the girls on their first weekend of term 1.

Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)

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