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Boarders' Christmas Celebrations

On Sunday 3rd December, the boarders from Marsden and Watson Houses, along with boarding staff and guests, enjoyed a lovely meal in the dining room. Thanks go to Matt Hitchens and his catering team for the meal of roast turkey, ham, roast potatoes, honeyed carrots and green beans after having spring rolls for a starter.

We then went across to the chapel for a beautiful Christmas service – thank you Father Paul.

After the service we all gathered on the chapel lawn for a wonderful array of desserts – individual plum puddings, individual pavlovas, lots of shortbread biscuits, Christmas decorated cupcakes and lollies!

The boarders presented Father Paul with 2 hampers – one from each house – they contained gifts for charity, such as food, toiletries etc. We will now be taking these hampers to the Cathedral on Wednesday evening when we have our Annual Carols Service.

Thank you to our guests for the evening - Mr and Mrs O’Connor and Father Paul.

Thank you to Brad and Lucinda who did most of the organising – the tree, tinsel, Christmas crackers for the tables  etc.

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Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)



Special end of year Boarders' Chapel Service

On the second last chapel of the school year, 25th November, Father Paul decided to hold the regular boarders’ chapel service beside the pool as it was a warm evening.

We planned to have the service, a BBQ dinner and a swim. However during a presentation by Father Paul, the heavens opened and it poured with rain. Father Paul quickly drew the service to a close and we all rushed for cover under the Bickerdike verandah!

Brad managed to cook the BBQ under cover and we all ate while we kept dry.

Thanks to our “Gappies” who also helped with the serving – Olivia, Kirsten and Kirsten’s twin sister Sarah (who is at Scots School).

Some boarders braved the rain and enjoyed a quick swim until we had some thunder and lightning and so that activity was quickly abandoned too!

Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)



On Wednesday evening, 29th November, Brad Allen and I took our Years 7 and 8 boarders and some Year 11’s up to Orange for a fun-filled time at Flip-Out.

There was much somersaulting as well as bouncing off the side wall mats and the floor mats – they all had a wonderful time and were exhausted at the end of an hour!

Lucinda and her 2 boys also came along to enjoy the fun. We then had a stop-over at “Macca’s” for some refreshments and snacks. When we got back to the boarding houses the boarders all then enjoyed a sausage sizzle or a steak sandwich for supper!

Thank you to Brad Allen for organising the evening. They want to do it all again next year!

Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)


Boarders' Melbourne Cup Dinner

The boarders had a special Theme Dinner to celebrate Melbourne Cup Day on Tuesday 7th November.

They all came dressed up - either in their Melbourne Cup “finery” or dressed as jockeys.

Thank you to Matt Hitchens (Catering Manager) and his staff for a lovely meal of finger food – mini quiches, spring rolls, chicken nuggets, chicken wing-dings, fish, bubble chicken, chips etc.

Everyone enjoyed the evening. 

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Mrs Gill McAllister – Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding

Seriously SUMO

At the end of a phenomenally busy Term 3 and with the Year 12 and boarding farewells out of the way it was definitely time for everyone to let off some steam.

And what better to do so than with an evening of friendly Sumo Wrestling!

Boys and girls of all age groups and staff from both Watson and Marsden had a great time wrestling and laughing with each other in the Sumo Suit Challenge at the Bickerdike.

It was a great way to finish the term and expend some energy.

I hope that all the boarders had a productive and relaxing school holiday break.

For heaps more fun photos please see the gallery HERE.

Mr Brad Allen
(Head of Boys Boarding and Watson House) 


Boarders' farewell to Year 12

Wednesday night 20th September saw the dining room transformed with tablecloths and flowers for our special Farewell Dinner to celebrate the Year 12’s about to finish their school-life!

We had special guests for dinner – thank you to Mr O’Connor, Mr Ross and Father Paul for all attending along with boarding house staff and all the boarders.

Mr O’Connor spoke to the Year 12’s first thanking them for their contribution to the school and then wishing them well for the future. Father Paul then said Grace before we commenced our meal.

We had mini spring rolls for starters, Chicken Kiev with wedges, peas and carrots for mains and a beautiful mud chocolate cake for dessert. Thank you to our Catering manager Matt Hitchens and his staff for the wonderful meal.

After dinner we moved to the Kemmis building for some festivities. Our new House Captains – Anna Single and Joe Hodges spoke on behalf of the Year 12’s, thanking them for everything they have done for the boarding house and for one another.

They followed this with a lovely video of “memories” both from Marsden House and Watson House Year 11’s. In return the Year 12’s then showed an amusing video clip.

Thanks go especially to Tasha Hurley and Paxton Hewitt, who were instrumental in putting these video clips together.

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Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)


Boarders' Cold Rock Ice Cream Treat

On Saturday evening 2nd Sept after dinner, the Watson boys joined the Marsden girls at Marsden BBQ verandah to enjoy an ice cream treat of Neapolitan ice-cream with various toppings – Maltesers, marshmallows, M+M’s and chocolate buttons, to make themselves a cold rock ice-cream.

Lucinda (Wells) had 11 boys left in boys’ boarding and I had 20 girls in girls’ boarding. They did not take long to demolish 2 x 4 litre tubs of ice-cream and all the lollies!

The boys then went back to Watson House with Lucinda and the girls came into the house and watched a movie in both senior and junior common rooms.

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Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)


Boarders' Chapel at Quo Vadis Chapel

On Sunday 3 September, Father Paul Woodhart accompanied the boarders, Brad Allen and me to Dr Anne Gilroy’s chapel for our Sunday Boarders’ Chapel.

The chapel is beautiful and sits on top of a hill on Dr Gilroy’s property. The sun was setting as we left and the view from the chapel is spectacular.

The interior of the chapel is also very beautiful and it was a lovely change of scene to have our normal Sunday service there.

Thank you to FP for organising this. I would also like to mention the beautiful stain glass windows – there are 3 small round ones above and behind the altar and a very large out at the front door of the chapel – all lovingly made by Father Paul.

We started off with a hymn – “Be still for the presence of the Lord” and followed this with a quiet reflection of prayer.

FP gave us all a worksheet titled “Praying the Labyrinth”. We had to make our way round the labyrinth writing in the names of people we wanted to pray for, or situations that are on our minds. After we sat quietly and completed the worksheet, we came back together for a final prayer.

Again thank you to Father Paul for organising this lovely service for us on our second last chapel service for this term and particularly for the Year 12’s who officially finish school at the end of this term!

Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)



All Saints' College Careers Showcase

Watson House Boys and Marsden Girls enjoyed an evening of conversations and gaining information from business leaders and tertiary education providers from Bathurst and New South Wales.

It was an informative evening for many student and parents.

Mr Brad Allen (Head of Boys Boarding)


Games Night

On Saturday 29 July, Allison Welsh and Lucinda Wells ran a games night in the Bickerdike for the boarders after dinner.

Thanks to Allison for organising this and shopping for various items for the games as in table-tennis balls, straws, lollies, spaghetti, marshmallows, plastic cups, balls, water bottles, tissue boxes etc!

They all had a great time and the games night ran along the lines of “win it in a minute”!

Year 12 students also joined in the festivities.

 Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)


2016/2017 GAP Students' Farewell

At the end of Term 2 the boarding community farewelled our Gap students – Sophie Finch, Florence Atherton and Alessandro Poynton with a special dinner in the dining room, followed by some festivities after the meal in the Kemmis building.

Thank you to Father Paul, Mr and Mrs O’Connor and Hilary for joining us for this special evening.

It is always sad to farewell our Gap students after their year with us.

They are an integral part of the entire school community - working in the Junior School, the Senior School, going on camps, coaching sporting teams and working in the boarding houses in the evenings.

They make friends among the staff and the students and they are missed by all when they leave.

Sophie, Flo and Alessandro showed us a very amusing video clip of their “adventures” around the school campus and the boarding houses.

In turn the boarders put together a clip also of some amusing moments with the Gap students!

Finally gifts were given to the Gap Students and we hope they take away lots of very happy memories of All Saints’ College and we wish them all the very best for the future. 

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Mrs Gill McAllister – Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding



Boarders' Chapel by the River

On Sunday, 26 March, Father Paul Woodhart held our regular Sunday night chapel down by the Macquarie River near the Japanese garden and the “Pillars of Bathurst Memorial Garden”.

It was a beautiful warm night and after a song, prayers and some readings by the boarders they all enjoyed a soft drink and some chocolate chip cookies and cake kindly baked and supplied by Father Paul.

Thank you to Mr Steven O’Connor for joining us and to Mr Brad Allen for suggesting the outdoor service before it gets too cold and too dark.

David Hitchick and I were also in attendance. It was a lovely way to spend our second last service for this term.

Mr O’Connor got the students to walk around the commemorative garden to see if they recognised any names that were connected to All Saints’. There was a plaque for C.E.W.Bean, Anzac Legend.


Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)


Boarders' Study Skills Session

Thank you to Mr Phil Cant for running a very informative session with our Year 11 boarders on Wednesday night, 8 March.

The students were given a worksheet with lots of tips regarding how best to study eg. what style of studying suits them best as in post-it notes, charts, colours etc.

It is also important to have a set time and a quiet place to study; review and revise previous work and seek help when required.  Many people out there can help - as in boarding staff, parents, teachers, tutors etc.

It is important to stay motivated and study every day. This helps in remembering facts. It is important not to cram too close to exams!

They also received a list of exam tips – ie reading time at the beginning of an exam is very important, as is reading the questions carefully and knowing how much to write for the amount of marks. Another good tip was to check out some websites for past papers to try.

All in all a very good session, so a big thank you to Phil – I believe the students took away some very good advice. I spent the session there with the students and they all listened intently throughout!

Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)


Boarders' Valentines Day Breakfast

On Tuesday 14 February, all boarders from Marsden and Watson Houses got together at 7.30am under the pergola at Marsden for a special Valentine’s Day breakfast.

The boys sang a song to the girls, then the girls sang their song back to the boys and gave each boy a heart shaped lollipop, chocolates and a card.

Thank you to Brad and Matt (Residential Assistant from Watson House) for cooking a gigantic amount of pancakes on the BBQ, which the boarders all enjoyed along with maple syrup and bowls of fresh fruit and cream!

Thank you to Matt Hitchens (Catering Manager) for suppling us with the food which everyone thoroughly enjoyed!

It was a fun morning and a special way to celebrate Valentine’s Day together before they all went off to school.


Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)

Boarders' 'Fun in the Sun' Pool Party

After some extremely hot days and a hot weekend the boarders have enjoyed frequent visits to the pool.

On Saturday 4 February, both houses (Marsden and Watson) adjourned to the pool after dinner for some games and general fun in the pool.

Thanks to our four leaders – Heidi, Clare, Patrick and Benson, all boarders enjoyed a game of water volleyball, had fun with the noodles and other games.

After only a couple of days of slightly cooler weather this week we are in for another hot weekend.

No doubt the boarders will have another session in the pool this coming Saturday after a barbecue dinner at the poolside.

Most evenings we have taken the students to the pool after prep to cool off before bedtime!

Mrs Gillian McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls’ Boarding)

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Years 7 & 8 Boarders' Macca's Treat

On Tuesday evening, 7 February, Mr Brad Allen and I took the Year 7 and 8 boarders to Macca’s for a supper treat after prep.

They had a choice of a chocolate or caramel sundae or a frozen coke.

We had an enjoyable social hour where we chatted to the students and they chatted among themselves – just finding out a little more about each other – where they were from, their interests, how they have settled in for their first week etc.

It was a great little outing and hopefully Brad and I will take out the other year groups in the next few weeks as well.

Mrs Gill McAllister (Head of Marsden House/Girls Boarding)

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