The Student Support team within the College consists of three support teachers, a school counsellor and a school clinic nurse.

Learning Support

Learning Support is offered to students who may have learning difficulties or other special needs. All students in the Junior School are tested in the areas of literacy and numeracy at the beginning of each year. The academic achievement of all students in the College is monitored, and further diagnostic testing carried out if a need is identified. The necessary steps are then taken to ensure that appropriate assistance is given. The student support team ensures that all teaching staff have the relevant information and strategies to assist with the education of all students.

Consultation is carried out between the classroom teacher, the Learning Support teacher and the parents, together with outside agencies when appropriate. The latest research is used to design programmes that will assist students in reaching their potential; this may include multisensory activities and the use of assistive technologies. Ongoing assessment monitors progress and programmes are adjusted accordingly. If necessary, students can have intensive one-on-one or group work with a learning support teacher.

The Learning Support staff are members of professional bodies including Learning Difficulties Australia, SPELD NSW and the Learning Difficulties Coalition.

Independent Learning Centre (ILC)

The ILC is a centrally located classroom within the school that is accessible to all students. We help with individual work and provide assistance in any area of school or creative interest. Specialised external competitions and enrichment opportunities are promoted through the ILC and made available for all interested students.

Mr Phillip Cant
Head of Independent Learning Centre
Learning Support Kindergarten to Year 3; Year 11 and Year 12
(02) 6332 7337


Mrs Margaret Croft (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Independent Learning Centre & Learning Support Year 4 to Year 8
(02) 6332 7331


Mrs Sarah O'Neill (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
Independent Learning Centre & Learning Support Year 7 to Year 10
(02) 6332 7331



The All Saints’ College Counsellor supports students, families, carers and staff.

If a student is in the Junior School, a form is required to be completed by the students’ parents or guardian. This form is able to be downloaded from the website.

Mrs Ellen Robinson
(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or as necessary)

College Counsellor
(02) 6332 7335
Mobile: 0412 483 218



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