Welcome to Kindergarten, 2017

My name is Mrs Gabrielle Darlington and I am delighted to be sharing the wonderful, learning journey of another Kindergarten year with this enthusiastic group of students. Kinder is a year of amazing growth and I feel privileged to be the teacher of these students. A truly special aspect is to teach reading and witness the mastering of skills and the joy of reading. Numeracy skills develop during lots of time spent on the floor manipulating materials and using our mini-magnetic whiteboards. New Geography and History topics will add more fun and variety, along with the exciting Science program. Term 1 is full of movement with the topic, ‘On the Move’ which is linked to a wide variety of literature and art. I look forward to a very special year with the 2017 Kindergarten students and parents.



Term 1
Term 2
Term 3

Term 4




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