The All Saints' Junior School Japanese programme provides students with the opportunity to learn some of the rich language and cultural practices of Japan.

Second language learning has been recognised as an important part of a child's educational development. It not only creates knowledge in itself, but assists the overall learning process.

Japan is a major trading and strategic partner of Australia. Tourism and culture are just some of the links between both countries.

The programme aims to not only give students the confidence to express themselves in a different language, but to see their own language and culture in a new light.

By presenting practical and personally relevant language to students through meaningful communicative game activities, the programme aims to enable students to absorb and reproduce language within a short time.

The programme also includes a limited introduction to Japanese writing and hands-on cultural study through craft and cultural activities associated with Japan's rich tradition of festivals and folk and seasonal activities.

Classes take place in the school's Fudeko Reekie Language Centre (formerly the Japanese Centre) and make use of the latest educational technology including an interactive white board. Interactive white board programmes are introducing students to a wide range of visual and audio information and games.

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