All students in the Junior School are a member of either Esrom House or Bradwardine House. They represent their house at three sports carnivals throughout the year. The Swimming Carnival is at the start of the year at the school swimming pool, the Cross Country Carnival is held towards the end of Term 1 on the school grounds and the Athletics Carnival is in Term 3. All parents are encouraged to attend these carnivals and students in Pre-Kindergarten also participate in the Cross Country and Athletics carnivals.

ASC representative teams will participate at the WAS and HICES carnivals for Swimming, Cross-Country and Athletics. In the event of astudent being absent from the Inter-House carnival as a result of a medicalcondition, their prior times will be compared to all competitors in theirrespective age group. The All Saints' College representative team will then beselected at the discretion of the Junior School Sports Coordinator. If astudent is successful at the HICES carnival they will then represent HICES atthe CIS carnival.


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