Human Society and Its Environment Department 2017
Back Row: Mr Stewart Ross, Mr Wayne Feebrey, Mr Spencer Goddard, Mr David Pike.
Front Row: Mrs Alice Mulligan, Mrs Lynne Woodlock, Mr Geoff Wainwright,
Mrs Jennifer Lacey.
Inset: Mr Bradley Allen.

Human Society and Its Environment

Teaching Approach / Philosophy

This Key Learning Area includes the contemporary Social Sciences of Geography, Commerce, Business Studies, Legal Studies, and Economics. Teachers in this Department of the College are encouraged at all times to examine and explore contemporary world issues and events that illustrate and enliven the syllabuses we are required to teach.

Wherever possible students are given the opportunity to be involved in 'hands-on, real world' fieldwork activities. The local community is seen as a rich resource for students and staff. Guest speakers and performers with specialist knowledge in a variety of subject areas are frequently invited to the College to share their knowledge and skills with our students.

Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of external competitions including the Australian Geography Competition, The NSW Geography Competition as well as Business and Economics competitions.

The very experienced HSIE teaching staff are flexible in the development of teaching strategies that cater to the needs and interests of their students. The use of research based discovery learning techniques and information technologies is especially encouraged.

Teaching in this Department is not simply aimed at achieving good results in external examinations (although we do have a very proud record of H.S.C. success). As educators we are not merely passing on information to our students but more importantly 'educating for character' and developing in our students important values and attitudes such as concern for one another, environmental awareness, fairness, respect for human dignity, cross cultural understanding and a sense of social justice. Students learn that there are consequences of our actions or inactions that affect all of our society and the planet we live on.

We are very much concerned with preparing students for life, helping them to become more informed and involved young adults, especially in our ever increasing globalised world, capable of making responsible decisions and mature choices about their own lives and the future.

Mr Wayne Feebrey (Head of HSIE)





Students visit "Spirit of ANZACS" Exhibition

On Monday 13 March Year 9 and 10 travelled up to Orange to visit the travelling Exhibition from the Australian War Memorial' "Spirit of ANZAC" which commemorates 100 years since WWI.

Student enjoyed a picnic lunch along the way and spent over an hour exploring the multimedia presentation which featured over 200 never seen before artefacts from the Great War.

The History of the war and Australia's part in it is a major component of the Year 9 and 10 Australian History Programme.

Quotes from Charles Bean, who attended Saints when his father was Headmaster and wrote the official history of the war, feature prominently in the exhibition.

The students were commended by organisers on their exemplary behaviour and interest.

Well done to all involved and special thanks to the HSIE staff for their organisation and supervision.

Mr Wayne Feebrey (Head of HSIE/ History)



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