All Saints’ College is a very outward looking school, always looking to provide its students and school community with opportunities to broaden their world view. For the last 20 years we have enjoyed a vibrant sister school arrangement with Yachiyo Shoin High School in Chiba, Japan. This relationship has continued to flourish and our commitment is ongoing. In the past we have enjoyed tours of All Saints students to Japan, exchange of students between the two schools, intensive English language camps here for Japanese students as well as exchange tutors in each school. The bond between our two schools is strong and important to both schools. The fact the relationship is across two countries is also significant in providing our young people with great opportunities for cultural exchange and meaningful experiences.

This sister school arrangement has been so successful that All Saints’ College has engaged in a sister school relationship with a Chinese school.

Shortly after the conclusion of the school year in December I visited the Xinhai Senior High School in the east coast port city of Lianyangang.

The school is a selective high school and is recognised as the top school in the city of 4.5 million and amongst the top three in the province of Jiangsu.

My visit to the school was a marvellous cultural and social experience. I was treated to outstanding hospitality and great excitement about the development of our sister school arrangement.

This new relationship is similar to the successful model in place with Yachiyo Shoin High School in Japan. We will be looking to develop opportunities for reciprocal visits of groups between the two schools, full fee students attending our school to complete a NSW Higher School Certificate and opportunities for reciprocal teacher visits.

I am very excited about the additional sister school arrangement. The 21st century is going to present many changes for Australia and our citizens. It is apparent that our relationship with China is going to be of increasing importance to Australia and all Australians. Opportunities for young people and teachers from both countries to interact over an extended period of time and build meaningful relationships will play a vital component of relations between our two countries.

To enable ease of access to information in relation to our sister schools we have established new sections on the All Saints’ College website for both Yachiyo Shoin and Xinhai schools. I hope you might be able to look over these areas of our website and look at the links to our sister schools.

Dr Peter Miller


In the week before Christmas (2011) the Head of College, Dr Peter Miller, travelled to China to visit the Jiangsu Xinhai Senior High School to sign a sister school agreement. The agreement was signed by Dr Miller, Mr Bob Ollis (Australian Education Alliance) and Mr Li (Principal of Jiangsu Xinhai Senior High).

Australian Education Alliance (AEA) has an exclusive agreement with All Saints' College and through their efforts we were able to form this sister school agreement with Xinhai Senior School. Xinhai Senior School is a large selective school which caters to the brightest students in Liang Yun Gang city, a Port city (population about 5 million) on China’s East Coast mid way between Shanghai and Beijing.

Our new sister school is located in the coastal city of Lianyungang (Jiangsu Province) roughly midway between Shanghai and Beijing. The school has a student population of 5000 students in their final three years of high school. Approximately 500 students attend the school as boarders while the rest of the students live in the city of 4.5 million people.

On his return Dr Miller said "I have enjoyed a wonderful few days in Lianyungang visiting the school, talking with students and signing the sister school agreement." He went on to say "This is an exciting development for All Saints' College as we look to develop a strong relationship through inter-school visits by staff and students as well as some students attending our school to complete a NSW HSC in the future".

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