Each student from Year 7 to 10 has a period of Christian Studies per week and every student attends a weekly Chapel service. All students are expected to attend and be involved. As ASC is a Christian College, students are enrolled on the understanding that they will be involved in Chapel and classes, and exemption on religious grounds is not granted. The Chapel services reflect our Anglican tradition of Christian worship. There is an annual Confirmation Service and introduction to First Communion.

Boarders also attend Chapel on the weekend. A variety of services are held for Boarders’ Chapel - from Holy Communion to less formal ‘In-House Chapels’. Some services are held in the morning, some in the evening. Dress for Sunday service is ‘neat casual’. On Wednesday mornings there is a voluntary Holy Communion service at 8:15am for staff. Each week the Chaplain visits one of the Boarding Houses. This allows the Chaplain to talk with boarders in a less structured and informal setting. Boarders are also invited to the Chaplain’s Suppers.

Students are given the opportunity to assist in services through readings, giving talks, leading prayers and being part of the Chapel musical program. The Chaplain encourages students from all religious backgrounds to use Chapel time for personal reflection and learning. The Chaplain lives on site and is always happy to have students visit. The Chaplain’s office is in Foundation Block. He is available to support students, parents and staff and can be contacted on the College number 6332 7337or after hours on 6332 7370.



Carols Service 2016

It was the night before Presentation Day and all was prepared. The theme for the whole College Carols in All Saints’ Cathedral was: ‘Everyone has a place in God’s story.’

The preparations for this service have been going on throughout Term 4. The music is chosen and practised every week, thanks to Mrs Frances McLeod.

The big band also steps up and this year Mr John Clipsham arranged a brass rendition of the Jamaican Carol: ‘The Virgin Mary had a baby boy’. Kindergarten students were centre stage for the pageant as they had practised under the leadership of their teacher Mrs Gabrielle Darlington.

The Year 6 students led the entry hymn: ‘Once in royal David’s city’ and the final Advent hymn: ‘O come O come Emmanuel’ with their candles alight. Mrs Jodie Shurmer was a driving force behind this. Readings were delivered by representatives of Each Day House, the Junior and Senior School Captains and the Heads of the Junior and Senior Schools.

We must not leave out the Administration staff, Warren Stocks and P&F President, Jo Murphy who also did readings. Two pens were set up the day before for real animals (pony, pig, goat, chooks and ducks) by Julian and Margaret Gaal and on the night the stable a spider and corner web was added by Todd Nelson and two mice (plastic) courtesy of our IT magician Shane Cooper. Useful gifts were given to Mary on the night (nappies, formula, dummies, wipes) and workies, Sean Munns and Julian Gaal came in their high vis jackets as shepherds.

Lastly academics from CSU, Kelly Tribolet and Kim Siede, along with Will Siegert made their way, taking their time as the Magi from the East did. Everyone had a place in the story, even the workies who came before and after to set up and remove 140 extra chairs in the cathedral. The cohort of prefects took their responsibilities seriously, handing out the orders of service with a smile, policing the enclosed animals and burning the frankincense.

I must mention two more people who were key to making it such a successful night – Mrs Cherylene Anderson, our publisher in residence who helped me with 4 drafts of the service and the final print run, and Mr Gavin Tipping, the Cathedral Organist.

How good that we all have a place in God’s story. 

Father Paul Woodhart



Pentecost Service

The day the Church went `viral’.

That was the message from Rev Tony to the ASC Community as we gathered to celebrate Pentecost.

In the absence of social media the good news of Jesus Christ spread around the known world (aka `went viral’) through the words and deeds of the ever expanding band of believers encouraged by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Students from across the College participated in the celebration which included an interpretation of the events the day the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples of Jesus after his Ascension.

The interpretation was ably led by ASC Captain Thomas Craft and supported by senior students planted in the audience.

Mr Clipsham organised a talented group of musicians and vocalists to lead the singing while students from Years 1 to 4 led the prayers.

A special and moving part of the service was the anointing with oil that is a tradition of the Church.
This year Rev Tony anointed twelve Year 12 students who then anointed students and staff who wanted to participate.

It was particularly encouraging to see so many come forward to signify acceptance of their role in letting others know about Jesus.

May the Holy Spirit continue to dwell in the hearts of us all.

Reverend Tony Card, College Chaplain



Were you there?

Today was one of those days when I am exceptionally pleased to be the Chaplain to All Saints’ College. Today’s whole school Easter Chapel was a wonderful example of how our students are willing to connect with and respond to the key elements of the Christian faith.

Our students were asked the question “Were you there?” through a play performed by Abbey Barcham, Ben Darlington, Tim Jackman, and Will Munro. These students gave us the perspective of a woman who followed Jesus, a Roman soldier present at the crucifixion, the carpenter who made the cross, and a child who was bewildered at what he saw. Their performance enthralled the gathered students and staff.

Engagement with the Good Friday event continued with a wonderful rendition of the African-American spiritual song “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?” sung by Isabelle Jacobson, Jemma Munro, and Mr Jon Clipsham, ably supported by some of our talented musicians.

During this song representatives of the Senior School Pastoral Houses, Year 7, and the Infants and Primary students brought forward banners that they signed during chapels over the last few weeks as a sign of our connectedness to Easter.

Thank you to the students, teachers, parents and staff who attended. Special thanks go to all of the students who assisted in the service.

There are too many names to mention everyone individually, but I am very appreciative of the students who assisted in setting up and packing up, the members of the a Capella Choir who led us in song, the musicians, the students who led the prayers, those who brought forward the banners, those who helped from a technical perspective, Mr Clipsham for arranging the music, and all of the staff who let students out of lessons to assist in preparations and clean up.

This was a wonderful display of community in action.

Reverend Tony Card



2016 Commencement Service

All the saints gathered this morning for the 2016 Commencement Service. An early call to change the venue to the Bickerdike Centre proved well-judged as thick black clouds gathered and a storm rolled through during the service with the lightning and thunder providing some very timely punctuation during the Captains’ address!

Our service was opened by Year 8 student, Sharmeakah Riley, who was subbed in at the last moment to deliver the Acknowledgement of Country. Sharmeakah did an outstanding job on such short notice. It seemed as if the whole school had been practising their singing over the holidays as the Bickerdike was filled with voices singing the National Anthem and College Hymn.

Our guest preacher for this year was The Very Reverend Anne Wentzel, Dean of All Saints’ Cathedral and member of College Council. Anne spoke on Jesus’ parables of the growing seed and the mustard seed, encouraging students, staff, and parents that while they may not know how things will turn out; with faith in God they can be sure of a harvest.

The Junior and Senior School Captains addressed their peers on their aspirations for the coming year. Hamish and Lauren spoke confidently and enthusiastically about exciting times ahead. Lily and Tom entertained the College giving their best impersonation of airline captains, welcoming everyone to “Flight ASC 2016”.

A highlight of their address was encouraging everyone to be a HERO - Helpful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, and Open-minded. Their message had an impact on my next class who responded to the question about classroom expectations with the statement “We should all be heroes.”

As our service was held on the very first day of school, the Heads of House stepped up to pray for the year so that the students didn’t have to. We ended the service with a rousing rendition of “Here I am Lord.”

Special thanks to Ms Liz Sargeant for playing the keyboard and to Ben Darlington and Lachlan Phillips from Year 10 for running the computer.

The year is off to a great start. May God bless each one of us as we meet the challenges of 2016.

With every blessing, Rev. Tony Card.

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Barton House Students Lead Chapel Service

The theme of the service was God's role in our lives and how he helps us through light and dark.

It was about the power we have in light and dark and included a prayer for 'Olivia' and for the school and community.

 Alexandra Corbet-Jones led the service with support and prayers from Cameron Redpath, Libby Crampton, David Goodman, Sophie Cant and Angela Phillips

It concluded with the hymn 'Shine Jesus Shine.'

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