At All Saints' College Junior School the pastoral care and welfare of the students is our highest priority. If children feel safe and happy in their school environment they have the opportunity to flourish and prosper in their learning. The primary responsibility for the pastoral care and personal development of each student lies with the class teacher. With small class sizes, teachers have the ability to know the students in their care very well. This not only helps teachers manage social issues but also aids them in catering for individual learning needs in the classroom.

Caring school environments begin with high standards and expectations. We stress the importance of being considerate, respecting each individual and encouraging appropriate behaviour.

Personal Development programs conducted throughout all year levels help guide student to develop an understanding of who they are and how they should relate and interact with their peers. It cannot be assumed that children naturally learn appropriate social skills and the teaching of these needs to be explicit and aimed at the age of the children.

Peer Support - Year 6

All Saints' College Junior School Year 6 students are trained in Term 1 to become leaders in the programme entitled Peer Support. In Terms 2 and 3, Year 6 students conduct weekly lessons that focus on resilience, optimism, values and relationships.The groups include students from Kindergarten to Year 5. Each week a group also visits Macquarie Day Care and play Bingo with the residents.                                                                          

The Peer Support programme aims to teach students
• To develop an understanding of themselves
• To enjoy success and recognition
• To develop skills for positive, socially responsible participation in the school community
• To develop competencies which enhance the quality of their relationships with others
• To create a safe and caring school environment
• To recognise the diversity within the school community
• To make a useful contribution to the life of the school

The Junior School is a friendly place where everyone is part of one big family.


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