2017 Barton House Captains, Cameron Redpath and Sophie Cant, with Head of House, Mrs Catherine Dundon.

Barton House was named after the family who lived in Esrom House (now the Head of College's offices) who sold it in 1922 to the Reverend Lindsay Watson (Headmaster 1923-1946) to enable the College to move to its present site.

Many Bartons attended the College in the late 19th and 20th centuries. Roger Barton (ASC 1894) was the only full Australian Rugby representative the College had produced until Scott Staniforth (ASC 1993-1995) joined him by playing for the Australian Wallabies (1999-2002, 2006 and 2007).

Mrs Britten (wife of the fourth Headmaster of All Saints' College) was a member of the Barton family.

Mrs Catherine Dundon
Head of Barton House
Ph. 6332 7329


End of year Annie's celebration treat

On the last Thursday of the school year Barton House boys tutor groups with Mr Feebrey and Mr Allen went to Annie's Ice Cream Parlour to celebrate and talk about their achievements made during the year. 

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and well done,  Barton Boys.

Mr Allen and Mr Feebrey


Barton House Students Lead Chapel 14 March 2016

The theme of the service was God's role in our lives and how he helps us through light and dark.

It was about the power we have in light and dark and included a prayer for 'Olivia' and for the school and community.


Alexandra Corbet-Jones led the service with support and prayers from Cameron Redpath, Libby Crampton, David Goodman, Sophie Cant and Angela Phillips

It concluded with the hymn 'Shine Jesus Shine.'


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