a'Becket John Gilbert

Allison, James Thomson

Armstrong, John Malet

Avern, Clive Reginald

Avern, Gerald

Ball, Stephen Clifford O'Brezman

Barry, Duncan Robertson

Barton, Edward Hugh

Barton, Edward Maurice Darwall

Barton, James Lyon Walter

Barton, John a'Beckett Darvall

Barton, John Hampden

Blackshaw, Colin Willoughby

Brain, Thomas David Alfred

Brown, Charles Henderson

Brown, Russell James

Brown, William Richard

Busby, William Dalrymple

Callaghan, Frank Gordon

Clunies-Ross, Allan

Colebrook, Horace William

Collings, Lorenzo George

Cortis, Edward

Crago, Claude Harold

Dixon, Herbert Hutchinson

Dowell, James Wilson

Durack, Charles Webb

Durack, Ernest

Edgell, Broughton Gordon

Edgell, Maxwell Gordon

Edgley, Harold Day

Edgley, Louis Norman

Edmonds, Reginald Earl

Edols, Thomas Reginald

Elder, Alan Balfour

Fairlie-Cunninghame, Hussey Burgh

Franki, Hector Oswald

Gilmour, Hamline Hassell

Gordon, Gordon Crilly

Green, George Alan

Green, Henry McKenzie

Gregson, Edward Jesse

Griffiths, Cyril Tracy

Hall, Arthur Charles

Halloran, Maurice George Campbell

Haviland, Athol Charles

Hodge, Harold Leslie Baldwin

Holden, Charles Kenyon

Hole, Henry Guy

Hotston, Robert Sydney Oswald

Houliston, David

Irving, Herbert Maxwell

Jones, Eric David Lloyd

Kater, Norman William

Kenrick, William Attwell

Lamb, Edwin de Villiers

Lasseter, Frederick Macquarie Antill

Lindsay, Alan

Lindsay, Samuel James

Long, George Merrick

Long-Innes, Clive Selwyn

Long-Innes, Percival Selwyn

Lowe, Bligh Hassall

Lowe, Frederick Charles Gaden

Machattie, Thomas Richard

Mackay, Alexander Leslie Gordon

Marsden, Reginald Ernest

Maynard, H.L.

McIlveen, Laurence William Oswald

McKee, Osmund Charles

McMillan, Gibson

McMillan, William McArthur

McPhillamy, Angus Owen

Mendelsohn, Oscar Adolf

Nash, John Rowland Gordon

Neely, Herbert Campbell

Palling, Lindsay

Parry, Claude Antill

Powell, Patrick Baden Machattie

Pringle, James Cossar

Purves, Algernon Grafton

Ranken, Francis James

Robertson, Douglas Hamilton

Robinson, Courtney

Ryder, Rupert

Sands, Robert Sydney

Shaw, William Edward Vallack

Shedden, Reverend Charles Hamilton

Slater, Henry Ernest

Sloman, Ronald Upcott

Smith, Neil Donald

Snow, Gordon Keith

Stephen, Robert Campbell

Suttor, James Frederick

Suttor, Maurice Ronald

Suttor, Pearson Lachlan

Suttor, Roy Cuthbert

Thompson, Archibald James

Tinning-Allan, Herbert Washington

Tinning-Allan, Stanley Bathurst

Todhunter, Sydney Macquarie

Tourle, Francis Layard

Tourle, John Morse

Vallack, Charles Aldrich

Vallack, Robert Aldrich

Wark, Alexander

Wark, John Newlands

Wark, Keith Newlands

Webb. Bruce

Webb, Clive Thompson

Webb, Edmund Guy

Wilkinson, Roy Dacre

Wolff, Bernard

  • Contracts Exchanged!

    24 Nov 17

    The Presbyterian Church in NSW and All Saints' College Council exchanged contracts for the…

  • JobJump Careers News

    23 Nov 17

    Please click on any of the pages below to download the full PDF

  • Passing Around the Crazy Hat for WIRES!

    23 Nov 17

    The Junior School students wore Crazy Hats to school this week to raise money for the NSW Wildlife…

  • Remembrance Day 2017

    23 Nov 17

    On Thursday November 9 the whole College gathered to Remember the cessation of the Great War. The…

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  • Year 6 Chapel Service and Valedictory Dinner

    24 Nov 17

    Chapel commences at 6:00 pm - for immediate family members only Valedictory Dinner at The…

  • Carols Service

    6 Dec 17

    All Saints' Cathedral, Church Street, Bathurst. This is a compulsory event for all students.…

  • Presentation Day

    7 Dec 17

    Junior School Presentation Day Thursday 7 December 2017 at 9:00 am Senior School Presentation Day…

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