All Saints’ College proudly participates in the ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) Scholarship Cooperative Testing Programmes. The College awards a significant number of scholarships each year on the basis of outstanding academic achievement and musical ability. In addition, a number of special Head of College Awards for all-round merit are made annually. Scholarships are for AUSTRALIAN Citizens only! You must apply for a scholarship two years in advance. For example, if you were looking at a Year 5 scholarship you would apply while your child is in Year 3. They would sit the test while in Year 4 and if successful, commence the scholarship in Year 5.  

Types of Scholarships Offered

1. Academic Scholarships (Years 5, 7, 9, 10 and 11) are awarded essentially on the basis of the results obtained in the annual ACER Cooperative ACER Scholarship examination. Applicants should have a commendable academic record supported by a personal resume or folio showing academic and co-curricular achievements. Applicants who are new to the College will also be invited for an interview.

2. Music Scholarships (Years 7, 9, 10 and 11) are awarded to students who have attained a high level of instrumental or vocal performance achievement for their age level. Music scholarships are awarded on the basis of the results obtained in the annual ACER scholarship examination. In addition, music scholarship candidates are required to prepare for a short audition and to sit a simple theory/aural test. A comprehensive resume demonstrating the candidate's background and musical achievements is required and applicants who are new to the College will also be invited to an informal interview. A confidential report from the current instrumental tutor is also required. 

3. Head of College Awards (Years 7, 9, 10 and 11) are made on the basis of the results obtained in the annual ACER examinations as well as on the applicant's co-curricular achievements. A Head of College Awards is by definition not a Scholarship but a recognition by the College of the contribution to be made by a genuine all-rounder to All Saints' College through their participation in all aspects of school life. A comprehensive folio or resume demonstrating the candidate’s achievements is required and applicants who are new to the College will also be invited to an informal interview.

Scholarship Duration:
Subject to the student fulfilling certain expectations, all Junior School scholarships will terminate at the end of Year 6 while Senior School scholarships are awarded for the duration of the student’s enrolment at All Saints’ College. The special expectations applying to All Saints’ scholars are clearly outlined at the time of offer and include application to study and participation in the co-curricular life of the College. Music scholars will also be required to continue with their study of music and participate in the College co-curricular ensemble and performance programmes.

Please note the following

* It is anticipated that every All Saints’ College scholarship applicant will attempt the ACER Cooperative Scholarship Tests.

* A separate application for Head of College Award will not be necessary.

All applicants should submit a photocopied resume (NO ORIGINALS) which includes the following:
NAPLAN Test results.
Recent school reports.
Evidence of outstanding achievement in any field.
Statements in support of the applicant.
A passport-sized photograph of the applicant.

* Resumes should reach All Saints’ College as soon as possible after the scholarship application is made.

* Resumes will not be returned (do not include originals).

Application Procedure

  1. Register online to ACER through the All Saints’ College Website link. Please note applications for 2019 scholarships (to be tested in 2018) close on Monday 5 February 2018.
  2. Remit the registration fee directly to ACER and receive an email response from ACER confirming your registration.
  3. Submit an Enrolment Application to All Saints’ College (non-current students only).
  4. Receive notification from All Saints’ College confirming venue and details of the ACER testing day.
  5. Submit supporting folio or resume (including current passport size photograph) to the College (all applicants including current students). These should be photocopies only and will not be returned.
  6. Attend an informal interview (all students not currently enrolled at ASC) with the Head of College or Head of Junior School (this may be scheduled for after the tests).
  7. Attend the ACER scholarship test in early 2018 (applicants may apply to ACER to sit the tests at a local centre if the applicant resides more than 200km away).
  8. Scholarship Offers will be usually made in late March / early April.

Forms and Documents required

Apply For 2019 until 5 February 2018 

Apply for
Scholarships Here


More Information

1. Registration: The ACER scholarship Test is a cooperative test. Candidates may register with more than one school, however, they sit the test once only. In the case of multiple registrations, candidates list the schools in order of preference. Candidates sit the test on the scheduled date at the school chosen as first preference. Results are then reported to each school for which candidates have registered. More information about the ACER test, including past papers, is available on the ACER website.

The ACER Scholarship Parent Helpline phone number is 1300 768 952

2. College Interviews: will be scheduled with the Head of College for all scholarship applicants. All candidates not currently enrolled at All Saints’ College will be contacted upon receipt of their application to make a time for this interview to take place before the ACER test. Enrolled students who are shortlisted for a scholarship may be called for an interview prior to offers being made.

3. Test Centres: In 2018 candidates for 2019 entry scholarships who list All Saints’ College as their first preference will sit the ACER test at Scots Bathurst except in cases where the residence of the applicant is 200km or further from the College. In these cases, candidates may be able to attempt the scholarship test at the nearest participating cooperative school, at an ACER Test Centre or at a non-ACER Test Centre. Applications should be made directly to ACER and All Saints’ College should be notified.

External Scholarships: The Bush Children’s Education Foundation (BCEF) provides financial assistance to school-aged children living in outback New South Wales. Assistance is available to subsidise the boarding expenses of primary and secondary aged children from families with restricted financial resources.

Please contact All Saints' College for further details.

Phone: 02 6331 3911

Fax: 02 6332 7390


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